Food, Glorious Food

I am tying to lose a few pounds, so maybe I am a little obsessed with thoughts of food. I really enjoy food of all kinds, and then I listened to I Ate A Dog, and I feel I should warn you John, but your dog may be planning something, and I would sleep with one eye open if I were you.

I admit I am a city girl, removed from the realities of food production. Theoretically I know where my food comes from, and beyond wanting my food to be raised in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment, and processed humanely I am entirely alright with eating food of all kinds. I know some people totally disagree with me, and would love to share details of abuses, and I’ll just let you know those comments will probably not be approved. I am not trying to change your mind, so leave my mind alone.

Hubby may have tried dog, in his travels. I’m not sure he knows for sure. It was called beef, but he never found out what animal it came from. Hubby will eat anything once. I prefer to limit my choices to poultry, beef, pork, fish and venison. Venison was a stretch for me, but I have learned to enjoy it. When Hubby hit a deer with his car and brought it home with all the proper documentation, I prayed over the poor animal and thanked him for offering up his life for us, and promised to use his body to nourish our family with the most delicious meals I could create.

As a young bride I tried to cook and eat rabbit given to me by my in-laws, and it made me cry. With the vision of my pet bunny in my mind, I just could not eat it.

I do not want to eat friends, and dogs and horses have been friends of mankind throughout time. I know both have been eaten by man. I was tricked into eating horse, by Hubby, and it is tasty. If I was really starving, I might eat horse again. (I no longer taste any unidentified foods Hubby might try to feed me.) I would share my last food with my dog. I don’t think I could ever eat a dog.

The other category I would not want to eat from is primates of any kind. Eating a primate is a little to close to cannibalism.

I have been hungry enough to chew Hubby’s arm off a few times, but so far he still has two of them.

Feel free to share your thoughts on what you will or will not eat.

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  1. I’m pretty much with you on that. Vegetarians and animal rights activists can argue their point all they want and I would never tell them they are wrong. I would completely agree with them, cry at their animal torture videos, and then go ahead and eat a chicken. I think it’s how I’m genetically wired. What I will say is that I limit my food consumption to farm animals. Somehow I think these are the animals who were made for human consumption. It’s Darwinism! Boy am I glad you are going to be filtering through those negative comments!


  2. I’ve always loved animals, and became an animal advocate in July 2013 after unfortunate incidences with my kittens at the hands of my (ex) husband. February 19th will be a year since I stopped eating meat. I do however, still eat chicken as I am still trying to find out what other foods I can get protein from.
    I would never try dog! Even when I did eat meat. Nor cat. Nor rabbit. Nor squirrel. Um, the list is pretty long, so I’ll stop there! 😀


  3. Venison is supposed to be healthier for you, than mega-farm beef or chicken so there’s that. I don’t think I could eat horse but as you say, if you get hungry enough…

    I’m with you on the dog. They’d share my last meal and if I had to choose whether to rescue my dog from drowning over a stranger, well I hope I never have to face that choice. Not sure i could eat rabbit, especially if I had to prepare it! I tasted it as a child though when my Grandma made it. Stereotypically, it tasted like chicken.


    1. I cooked the rabbit like chicken, but I can’t say it tasted like it. It really didn’t have a fair shot.

      Shadow reminded me, I left the cats out. I don’t have the same relationship with my cats (except for Shadow), but I just can’t imagine eating them, no matter what.

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