It’s the Little Things


We are in our new home, and working hard to get ourselves settled.  We have worked so hard that Hubby is on bedrest for at least a week!  I am also easing back.  My sweet daughter commented that here we are less than an hour away, and we are useless as babysitters.   In a couple weeks, for her and her husband’s anniversary, we should be ready for duty.  It makes me smile.  I am happy we are close enough to see and interact with the grandkids, before they are completely grown.

Then there are our children, whose help with moving in kept the move affordable, as well as getting our furniture into the house!   Okay, I’ll admit there have been a couple of bounced checks, but that is why we have overdraft protection.   Scheduling  payments electronically is not a skill I have mastered, and with all the disruption of the move there were a few too many dinners out.  I’m glad it was my bank account that took the hit rather than my waistline.  I have my priorities.

The house isn’t pretty, but it is liveable.  The garage is full of boxes waiting for attention.   Taking care of everyday tasks is a relief.   I love my new stove and refrigerator, and I’m happy just cooking at home.  Doing laundry, even at the laundromat, brings normalcy back to my life.

While waiting on the laundry, I was reading the Special Time Edition of The Science of Happiness:  New Discoveries For a More Joyful Life.  One new thing I learned is how to think positively.   Thinking positively isn’t just appreciating the band as the Titanic sinks.   Thinking positively is thinking about happy memories,reliving them in your mind.  It is like a mini vacation, refreshing.

Soon we will have a house warming, and I’ll share pictures of the new house.  Until then, build many happy moments into your daily life.

Happy memories.


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Bean the Wookie

Awakened at 4 a.m. needing to tend to personal things.  The grandchildren are visiting with their two-month-old Wookie, who needed to be let out a short time after that.  Wookie is growing up and decided to go for a run.  I had to laugh at my granddaughter chasing after Wookie and bringing him back to hook him to the leash.   It confounds me why everyone thinks their dog will just stay by their side because of love!

Love has nothing to do with it.  A dog has got to be a dog.  If a dog can get its way, it becomes the top dog, the alpha dog, numero uno!    Some people know how to train a dog to stay with them, but I don’t.  My best reasoning says to keep a dog tied to you until it is at least two years old, and has learned to come to you when called, no matter where he is or what she is doing.  A tether helps with this also, as a small tug helps the dog to respond appropriately, but don’t forget the loving.  Treats also help, and include playing with their favorite thing as well as food treats.

Hubby either doesn’t understand this, after many years with many different dogs, or he just doesn’t care.  Many people believe it does no harm to let a dog just run free a little bit.  They explore, never really go far, and come back happy.  In fact, running seems to be essential for some dogs.  If you have ever tried to contain a beagle, or other hunter, you will understand.  These dogs live by their nose, and if they pick up a scent, they have just got to go.

Unfortunately for our dogs and for Hubby, continual conflict with neighbors over our unleashed dogs has caused me considerable stress, which I pass right to Hubby.   As I’ve told my neighbor who called me while I was out of town to tell me where my dog was, “I have more luck training the dog, than I do my husband.  Obviously, I’m not very good at either.

I am seriously distressed by the things people create to keep dogs from even their mailbox poles.  Nasty, cutting things with the intention of hurting an animal.  Poison in a tempting wrapping to punish both pet and owner.  People, really.  For a few dollars, you can buy a spray keeping animals away with an unpleasant, but harmless odor.  Reapply as needed.

And there are other hazards, like people who want to walk off with your adorable pet.  There are cars to dodge and wells and sewer grates to avoid.  There are dangers in the world.

Is a tiny, constricted life the kind of life any creature wants?  Let’s continue to explore and experience the world we live in.   Let’s live free and bravely, with our pets.


A New Home


By Andreas Trepte (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons

At last.  We found a house, our offer was accepted, and we are well on our way to home ownership once again.

House hunting is a process of balancing needs and wants.  You need a roof over your head, and a place for your stuff.  If you want a spacious home, a large artfully landscaped yard, and cute, you will pay extra.  In our case, the primary want is to stay out of debt!  So, we found a house that is a little bit of a fixer upper.  I think our choice left our realtor confused after all of the more perfect homes we saw.

On the main floor are cozy bedrooms, a kitchen and living room.   Small, but we moved from a doll house.  I think of this house as a nest.  I think we will be comfortable.  Before the house really fits us, we will have to claim part of the basement as living space.  Well, not exactly living space, but play and sleepover space for the grandchildren.  The house has a great garage, space for our camper, and a small, easy to take care of yard.  Perfect for a couple of little old people, and remarkably like our first home starting out our life together.

We want a nice deck off the back.  A little landscaping will increase the curb appeal.  The house should give Hubby many projects to keep him happily occupied in his retirement.  He has his choice of work spaces, but a great big saw was left in the basement.  Hubby can’t wait to see how it works.

I thought we could relax now that a choice has been made.  Take the time to enjoy our time in the wilderness.  In fact, I would be perfectly happy to go exploring through the woods, or on the lake in my canoe.

We have taken the canoe out and gone on a hike, but Hubby is more concerned about how quickly we can get our stuff, where to put it, and fixing all the things noted by the inspector, in addition to the purely luxury projects he would like to do.

Frankly, most of our hikes have been back and forth to the bathrooms in the rain.  (I just hope the weather clears up for my three grandchildren coming to camp with us for the week.)  We spend our rainy days shopping for appliances, a lawn mower, and obsessing over how to handle moving into our little nest, and turning our nest into a home we love.

Roughing it in the Twenty First Century

Darn it!  The internet is down again!  Here I am in my air-conditioned self-contained travel trailer with electricity, cable television, even air-conditioning, and I can’t make a freaking internet connection!  I am paying top dollar at a full-service campground so I can get internet, as well as a prime weekend camping site.  At the beautiful Pennsylvania State Park, we had to drive 18 miles to a place with internet, and except for the rain and mud, we were very comfortable, but they were fully reserved for the weekend.

The problem at these full-service camp grounds, is the number of devices in the hands of everyone over the age of five.  Even with three Wi-Fi networks it is difficult to get on-line, and when you do, buffering is torturous.  This is no way to house hunt, and an even worse way to blog.  I’ve been forced to resort to using WORD!!!! This is last century stuff.

Moving is Hard

Moving is hard on your nails.  Even cut short with only a coating of a clear polish with the idea of giving my nails a little protection, the nails look chipped and ragged.

Moving is hard on your body.  Well, yes and no.  Yes things hurt that I even forgot could hurt, but we did get stronger.  Of course, we had to push hard to allow the new owner to move in when he wanted, and we have now had 10 days to recover, but we are still tired.  I think we over did.

Moving is hard on cats!  Cats loved the boxes,

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor
Hubby leaves a window so we can see each other.  

but hated the empty house.  Never leave a cat in an empty house!  My poor babies were terrified; meowing from behind the toilet, the only hiding space left.  They had everything they needed, just no hiding places.  Now they are in the camper with us, and they like all the nooks, and even manage to get into spaces we never would have believed were comfortable for a cat, like the space above the video tapes.  They each have their spaces and are quite content.

Moving is hard on Hubby!  Not just the physical work, but dealing with an over-stressed take charge wife.  Every past move was dictated by Hubby’s job.  A couple of houses, he picked without me even seeing them.  He did good, but now it is my turn.

Moving is hard on my brain.  There are just so many decisions!  Right now we are living in our travel trailer, moving from campground to campground, and looking at houses.  This is no vacation.  This is a serious job.  We have had to travel 18 miles to the nearest place with WiFi.  They were not real welcoming, because there was no place to plug in, meaning we had two hours maximum that we could use the computer and then drive back to our camper for recharging. Several texts later we are ready to meet for actually looking at houses.  The real hard part is deciding where we want to spend the next chapter of our lives.

We think we are getting close.  We have narrowed our search to a specific community, and have focused in on what we want, and have a couple of realistic possibilities.  Next time I am able to check in, I might be ready for an announcement.

The only one moving doesn’t seem hard on is Brutus Buckeye, our Boston Terrier. Everyone in the campground learns his name quickly.  Brutus loves the attention.  He loves us being outside with him, long walks, and he even gets to go in the car with us when we go to look at houses.  Brutus is always with his people, and therefore happy.

Because You Want to Know

I’ve been a little AWOL.  Remember back 8 months ago?  Let me help you with that.  We were getting our house ready for sale.  Things went a little slowly at first.  Hubby listed our home on  (Mobile Home Village).  That was all, for a while.  We were going to sell our home without a realtor.

We got two leads on our house from the  website.  One early on, the next one a week ago.  Finally we put an ad in the local newspaper, and a sign on the road.  The sign on the road brought in the calls.

Many of the calls were from people with one or two thousand dollars, looking for owner financing.  No thank-you.  Were we asking too much?  Hubby and I disagreed.   Finally, two weeks ago, we had two people making offers.  We got a price very close to our asking price.

Closing on a mobile home is a very easy thing.  For the seller there is a three-step process: Pay the years taxes, collect our money, and sign the title.  That’s it!  We were done.  The buyer had to pay sales tax ($14.08), sign on the appropriate line, and submit it for a new title.

We don’t have a new home to move into.  We do have a camper.  We have decided we can move into our camper, and take our time looking for a house.

We examined our moving options.  The most expensive option is a pack and move from a moving company costing around $6000.  This option is the easiest on us.  We decided we would rather save the money from moving to our new home, for purchasing our new home.  We are not as young as the last time we moved ourselves, plus we have more stuff.  We are pacing ourselves, and moving our stuff into our storage locker.

I am exhausted after little more than a week of cleaning out our storage locker (requiring several trips to Goodwill), packing up the house, and several trips with boxes to the locker.  We are about half way done with the packing.

We have another week-and-a-half before the deadline to be out of the house.   I have aches and pains in places I’ve forgotten about.  When the rain came we were relieved.  We had a good excuse to sit at home.  We needed the rest.  We needed help.

“Ask and ye shall receive,” the good book says.  A neighbor offered his help.  Just when  we needed help.   During breakfast at McDonald’s a couple sitting behind me was talking about how tired they were, and how badly they had slept the night before.  As we were leaving, we passed them walking along the road.  Hubby said they were trying to get across town.  We decided to give them a ride.

Turns out a family argument had them sleeping under the stars on a fairly wet night.  They were on their way to another family member’s home.  The family argument also created an interruption to the man’s employment.  We asked him to help us move boxes and furniture.  More help!  He was ready to come right with us and get to work.  We told him Monday would do.

We rested most of the weekend, and will be ready for the week ahead, with helpers!   We are now getting to those things we need every day to live comfortably.  Our kitchen is slowly being packed into boxes, and soon we will have nothing left to cook with, and nothing to eat off of.  Our entertainment system is half in a box, and half still in use.

We are slowly filling our camper with all the things we are going to need for our first extended stay.  Plus, we are bringing our house plants, those things that cannot be stored (anything that might explode), our dog, and two cats.  Oh boy!  I’ve read much about living in a camper, but the implementation phase is about to begin.

What fun we will have!

Our Worldly Worries

CNN Logo

You recognize it.  This is the news logo of an organization some politicians rail against.  In fact as I write, Hubby is watching (therefore so am I) and news is breaking about the previous president warning the current president about the fired member of the current cabinet.

Lisa A. got me on this topic with her blog posting “What The Fu*k is Going on in This World.”  There is so much disturbing news, I’m surprised that we aren’t all curled up in little balls with the covers over our heads.

Airlines, not so friendly.  Over crowded flights, no more meals, no smoking (thank-goodness) , no cell phones, and no room leads to customers lashing out at each other or attendants.  Commercial airlines don’t seem to care about safety as they ask a father to hold his young son in his arms rather than in a car seat strapped safely into the airplane seat as the airline recommends, and which the father dutifully paid the full price for.  People are threatened with arrest, and dragged off of airplanes with bodily injuries, and lame apologies.  This is the news we see.

You want customer service?  You think the airlines would have a vested interest in keeping the customer happy?  It is obvious the commercial airlines don’t have to care. There is no government regulation for them to worry about.  People need to travel for business, to visit family, to satisfy their desire to see the world.

Airlines have cut the number of flights, decreased personnel, cut everything they can, and added more and more seats packing people in like sardines.  The commercial airlines have you right where they want you.  Each commercial airline is like the other.  There is no advantage to the customer of one airline over another.

Healthcare is what I wrote my representative about.  I got a very nice letter from Senator Portman (R).  I expressed my concern about family with preexisting conditions, and another on Medicaid.  I can’t tell how Portman will handle the Senate review of healthcare.  I am glad for his response.  Countries with national healthcare include:  Canada, England, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy….

For reasons I fail to understand, it is believed that the compassionate pharmaceutical industry will do the correct thing. Hospitals will always put the patient first as mandated by law, and will absorb the cost, which we will all pay for.  Doctors will take care of you if you are in need, by sending you to the emergency room where they have to treat everyone.

So why am I shocked that Hubby’s diabetes medications have dramatically jumped in cost.  My mother refused the most effective asthma medications, because of the cost.  She flat refused to let the pharmaceutical industry get an outrageous profit from her treatment.  Those with life threatening allergies have recently had to contend with the EpiPen 400 percent price increase.

So what do you think?  Do we need any government regulation of healthcare?

Passing costs on to the states is not a plan I support.  Passing healthcare to the states will increase state budgets, and unless we get a federal tax cut large enough, who will want to pay more in state taxes.  (This also applies to education and other cuts proposed by the federal government.)  I may be wrong, but don’t American’s want a simpler tax system with fewer loopholes?  Don’t we also want to pay less tax overall?  Does moving the services from the federal government to the state government satisfy any of the goals?


Natural Inclination

20170428_193504All pictures taken with my Samsung Tablet.

My oldest granddaughter is a mini me.  Her mom, my daughter, is constantly trying to motivate with prompting, prodding, and cajoling her to get things done.  Putting her toys away requires arranging everything just so.  Her favorite giraffes, collected over her 13 years of life, must be arranged properly.

Her dolls must be in the proper dress, their hair coiffed, positioned in a certain way surrounded by accessories.  Her personal items are on display.  Her bed is a beautiful display piece.  In fact, everything she does is done in a slow, studied, deliberate manner.


As you can imagine, everything takes a lot of time.  Writing a sentence or paragraph for a school assignment takes forever, because she needs the perfect topic and thought to express.

This is not slacking.  This is not being lazy.  Everything she does, must meet the vision of her aesthetic.  Everything must be as perfect as she can make it.  I so want to take this burden from her.  Sometimes, good enough is enough.

This loving, thoughtful, considerate, artistic child, is often moved to tears with the pressure to get things done.


When she does anything, she does it completely, with no short cuts.

I find myself doing the same thing.  Recently, I’ve been rebelling.  Instead of sorting the forks by kind and size, I just toss them in together.  The t-shirts, normally turned with each one added to the pile so it won’t tip over, are just getting stacked, and they have no room to tip laying in the dresser drawer.  But I will admit, it doesn’t feel right.

You might think I’m meticulous.  No!  I don’t have anyone to motivate, prompt, prod, and cajole me.   It is just too exhausting to do everything to that standard!  Instead, I do nothing, letting the clutter pile up, and things go undone.

I follow the 80/20 Rule for every day chores.  The 80/20 Rule tells us that 80 percent of the work is accomplished with 20 percent of the effort.  The remaining 20 percent, to really get things fully completed, take 80 percent of your time.

When I really want to get things done properly, I give it the entire 100 percent.  (This may be why I have yet to write a book.)  When I finally do set about a project, everything is so nice.

This is a tendency we can’t control.  The best we can do, is not let it control us.


(Happy Birthday sweetie!  Thank you for letting me use your room.  Your party was great.)

Reframing The Negative

I might be wrong, but I think nearly everyone experiences anxiety or depression at times. I think that is part of being human, and learning to deal with anxiety and depression makes us happier and healthier people. This will add to that skill set.

Thank you.

From Sand to Gemstones

I will probably always be a student when it comes to a way to combat negative emotions. I know I’ve written a few times about the different ways to fight when you’re down but I was told today that sometimes rewriting needs to be done. At least if not for y’all, for me. 

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