Living Nightmare

I had a dream last night.  First I was at a party, talking to another guest about how working in her shop must be fun, next thing I knew my friend, our hostess, was called about me not showing up for work on a Saturday.  The next Saturday I was walking with my friend while moving into a new house, when she got another call from the shopkeeper.  Again I had apparently not shown up for my shift, on yet another Saturday.  My dogs were pulling at their leaches like sled dogs, and I mentioned that sometimes I worry they are going to choke themselves.  Once at the new house, I put my dogs out on their leashes outside so I could unpack.  Suddenly my friend called the shopkeeper, because I lied to her about my worry that my dogs would choke themselves.  Yes, it was past time to wake up.

I guess as nightmares go, it wasn’t such a bad dream.   It is not really known why we dream.  It is believed that dreams help us to process information, incorporate memories, even solve problems.  Throughout human history we have searched for meaning in our dreams, and yet some scientists believe they are only random firing of synapse that have no meaning in and of themselves.  Maybe the firing of synapse has no meaning, except that the brain is working, but humans have searched their dreams for meaning, inspiration, and prophecy throughout time.  Maybe the stories we tell ourselves about these random firing of synapse are the meaning, and a guide to our mental health.

There are many books and websites that are devoted to unraveling the mysteries contained in our dreams.  I have read so many of them that I thought I should hang out a shingle, “Dream Interpretation.”  I mentioned this to a family member, who made it quite clear that she would be ashamed of me running such a scam.   But if I believe dreams have meaning, is it really a scam?  A place where you can talk a little about your dreams, what’s going on in your life, in the world, and what it could mean for you.  That isn’t fortune-telling or even astrology. Hanging out my shingle for “Dream Interpretation” is closer to unlicensed psychotherapy, and that is something you can get from any well-meaning friend.

So what do I make of my dream?  I think about a paying job, but don’t want the schedule, as in working Saturdays.  I am a year out in my prep for a move, so it is on my mind. My dogs act like they are going to choke themselves on leash, but I have no fear of putting them out on their own, as long as I’m near.  And I worry about how I come across to others.  My social anxiety extends to:  my friends, my family, ….

Sweet dreams.



13 thoughts on “Nightmare

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  1. Anxiety is a strong theme in my dreams. I often have dreams about being late for work or college classes even though I’m rarely late for anything and haven’t attended any type of school for more years than I care to mention!

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  2. I have all kinds of crazy dreams.
    Last night I dreamed my rig was parked on a residential street. It blocked the entire street. Lol
    Not sure if it means a thing other than a dream.
    It’s actually an alternate universe I visit
    It is reality and this is the dream

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  3. Freud and Jung we’re psychologists and beleived dreams contain symbolization. I suppose I agree with them only because of you interpret with their theories you really do come up with substantial stuff. Big key dreams come from your subconcious mind. Sometimes our subconcious knkws before we know. My re was convinced a dream is merely a replay of your day. 😇 I just look for symbolism. Like the color of a room, a bed, a car, a dog, feelibgs, objects, people, and things …. and then look up the meaning. I don’t know… I think dreams do tell a hidden story.

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  4. I think dreams solves problems. Dreams helps to process the thinking you don’t have time for in the days when you’re awake. Dreams is also a great place for meeting those who have passed and you miss. It’s so nice to have a chat with them again.

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    1. I agree. We don’t stop thinking of things just because we sleep. People have awoken to solutionsee to complicated problem or new musical scores in their heads. Seeing and talking with those words have passes givesearch a respite from grief.

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  5. That’s a vacation pic from the Alligator Farm in Florida. These creatures may be the scariest looking things on earth. My dogs are kept states away from the crocks!


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