What You See, Can You Hear me Now?

Before I got my new smart phone I just didn’t understand the joy of being connected to my family, friends, acquaintances, accounts, information, games and every organization tool this little computer has to offer.

No wonder people don’t put these things down!  I’ve been in the back of the theater  watching the ballet.  Sure the ballet is graceful, fluid, rhythmic, and pretty, but what is the big deal?  I would see others on their phones and think put it down for goodness sake!  Make your call and get off the phone!  When I was young,  we carried a quarter in our pocket and used a corner pay phone, standing connected to the phone by a wire umbilicus, because there were no portable cell phones.  No-one worried about bars in an area, unless  thy wanted a drink.

Now I am one of those people with the cell phone in her hand during dinner.  Don’t judge me.  I can make a note for my next blog, add something to my shopping list, look up that actor from that movie last night so the conversation can go on without further argument.  Now I am never far from my phone.  It has more processing power than the Apollo 11 space craft, and I am not tethered to anything, and it fits in my purse.

What you see depends upon where you sit, and I’ve moved from the back of the theater to the front row where I can see the muscles bulge with exertion and recoil with each landing, the sweat pour from the body and get flung in all directions, and perhaps I’ll even get  splashed by a few drops.  I have only begun to learn what my new smart phone can do.

My favorite features of my phone?  I can still make phone calls to my children, and snap pictures of my grandchildren and always have them ready to share, with anyone who has access to a cellphone or computer.  Technology has sure come a long way in 60 years.

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