A Wonderful Time

I awoke this Wonderful Wednesday to a beautiful Indian Summer day.

A few days of temperatures that dipped into freezing has put an end to the growing season.  If you had seen my pitiful attempt at a vegetable garden you would understand my great relief, but we did grow some of the best tasting tomatoes that I ever tasted on our little patch of the world.  Friends who posted pictures of their produce on social media, and will spend the winter posting pictures of the great meals they create and reference their summer harvest, possibly with before and after pictures.   Thankfully I have no fears of going hungry this winter.  Prices may have increased some, but we are secure in the knowledge that nearby grocers will be stocked with fresh produce from around the country and even the world thanks in part to the inventor of the refrigerated truck by Fred Jones.  Thanks to Jones, fresh and frozen foods are shipped from one area of the county to another quickly and inexpensively.  I will try planting another vegetable garden in the spring, because home grown, fresh vegetables are the best.

I am also thankful for computers and Google, that made it possible to find the information I heard about of the man who revolutionized the transport industry by refrigerating trucks.  Something I heard about some years back, was only a few clicks away, instead of hours of research away in a library with no guarantee I would be able to find it.   Not only could I ask who invented the refrigeration truck, but Google supplied me with a picture, and background information.   The computer isn’t just an efficient writer’s tool.

I seek information on a variety of topics each day.  While watching television we ask Google the name of that character, and as a bonus learn everything she has appeared in.  While at dinner, many a question has been answered by picking up that computer we always carry with us (our cell phone), and asking Google for information on any kind of trivia.

We can learn just about anything, and pursue any topic as far as we like. My grandson is interested in playing Chess, so I have been studying strategy.  I look for a new hairstyle on the computer.  I’ve learned to organize my home, and upscale my decorating.  I am searching Pinterest for Halloween Costume ideas for an upcoming Halloween Party.

There is so much to know, and to little time.  For now, I will go out and enjoy the beautiful fall day.

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