Journey from Reality to Fantasy


At Universal Studio, Orlando

Daily Prompt:  Journey

Michelle Zacharias, a Canadian artist living, creating and writing in Japan posted a blog about an artist show by Arthur Huang  titled Memory Walks-Is This the Way I Went?   Huang documents the journey he makes through his day on the canvas of eggs.  Strange.  Interesting.  Why do I even like this?

Many of us document our days with photos, notations on calendars, journals, or blogs.  We document our health concerns with notations of test and doctor appointments.  We document the significant events in our lives with pictures and announcements on little cards saved in boxes.  We post on social media, the big and the small, to save what we think is funny, cute, touching, and outrageous.  Our journey through life is saved in boxes, on shelves, in bits and pieces.

We travel and explore, and document every step.  But sometimes, we just want to escape from our everyday reality.  Lacking cash for a flight to paradise, we still have an easy escape.  A journey into fiction.  We can hop on a train from platform 9 3/4 and go on an adventure where the good guys always win, where friends never let you down, and magic is a part of everyday.  This same magic happens with any good book.  The thrill of adventure, digging for treasure, traveling to far away places, falling in love, and fighting (and winning) the good fight.  All of the world is between the pages of a book (or the pages on your tablet).

If the journey you desire has not been written yet, perhaps you are the one to write it.  Your journey is only limited by your imagination.

May the creative road rise up to meet you.

(Yes I took the picture above.  Need to learn how to create a watermark for my pictures.  So much to learn.)


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