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Wrote a long rant on how we the little people, who vote and pay our taxes, teach our kids to be polite to everyone, dutifully vote, and mow our lawn once a week, we are the ones who need to still the political waters with kindness and tolerance.

Sorry, I can’t see how that will work.


“I yam what I yam!

Alright!  You win. 

Have it your way. 

I don’t care.

If that’s the way you want it.

You’re right, as always. 

Okay, whatever. 

The argument has gone on and on and finally you decide you are done.  You can’t win, and nothing you can say or do will really make any difference, so you tap out.  They get the hollow victory, and you hope they choke on it.  Problem solved.  Right?  Wrong!  The problem is still there.  You can work around it, but there is no resolution and you both know it.  Life goes on.  Some arguments are not winnable.

You can tell me short-haired cats are better than long-haired cats all you want.  I can agree that short-haired cats leave less hair around the house, and are a lot less work to own, but the argument and my agreement mean nothing in the end, because I just love those puffy long-haired cats.  Anger will do you no good so do not be exasperated by my choice.  You don’t have to like my choice.  To continue in a relationship you must accept my choice, even though we both know we disagree.  If my choice bothers you enough you can just go someplace else where you are more happy.

The bottom line is, I am who I am.  You can take me or leave me.  I have been left before.

When childhood friends learned about my dislike of racist jokes they left.  When I refused the sexual advances of friends who were swingers (sexually non exclusive partners) and shared my view of relationships as an exclusive loving relationship, they also left. Friends and a few family members who have disagreed with my political choices have stopped coming around.  I imagine others just don’t like my sense of humor.

If life were like social media, we could just block the content we don’t like.  You dislike my sarcasm, you can just block it.  I dislike your political views, I can block them.  We agree animal abuse is bad, so you think we all should be vegan, I can block that.  We can go on with our relationship.  I don’t want to change you, just disagree and don’t want to argue.

But maybe life is like social media.  Maybe we can like someone, even be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t agree with us completely on everything.  Maybe we can have a little tolerance for differences.  Maybe we can overlook or forgive short comings.  Maybe, we can learn our differences aren’t all that important.

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Taking on ISIL

President Obama sends airstrikes and American troops to fight the self proclaimed “Islamic State” hiding within Syria and Iraq, but I believe there is a bigger war that is being fought.

President Obama alluded to this bigger war when he referred to thousands of foreigners, including Americans, joining ISIL and the fear of these people returning to their countries of origin to spread terror.  These are people so marginalized and disenfranchised that they have left their own countries to fight with those whose philosophy is so extreme.

The United States of America has long been a country of opportunity, tolerance, and a more hopeful future.  The State of Liberty is a symbol of welcome.   We who live here expect these things.  We expect that if we want to work, we will find or create an opportunity.  We expect that we can be who we are, like what we like, believe what we believe with tolerance from others.  Most of all we have hope for a better future for ourselves, and our children.

These are the freedoms that terrorists have tried to take away from us since 9-11-2001.  These are the freedoms that ISIL would deny their own people.  The simple freedom to believe what  you want to believe, is causing ISIL to murder the very people they would govern, and even children are not exempt from this brutality.  Within the Muslim nations political and social discord prevents effective action against the threat ISIL represents.

The simple freedom of reporting what is going on, is getting journalists beheaded, and yet foreigners from the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and others have all joined ISIL.

Is it because we are each so intent upon our own position, our own narrow self interest that our public and private rhetoric lack the tolerance that we expect from our fellow Americans?  Is it because we are so busy living in fear behind closed doors about who might sneak over our boarders to do us harm, that we hold all who are different from us as suspect?

It is time that we start showing the world and each other that we are living our American ideals. All men are created equal, does include all races, all nationalities, and all sexual orientations, and men and women. The land of opportunity means if you are willing to become educated and work you can get ahead and have a better life. Freedom of religion means you are free to pursue your religion as you see fit, whether it be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or something else.

It is time we stop nasty little digs in social media, our personal social networks, and political arenas and realize there is a war going on for the hearts and minds of people of the world.

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