A Black Cat Crossed My Path

With coat black as midnight and green eyes, the howling creature came slinking into my life on a cold fall morning just over a week before Halloween.

They say black cats are the least likely to be adopted because of the taint of superstition, and here is a kitten on my back porch crying forlornly.  They also say that black cats are in danger this time of year from those who might want to dabble in dark rituals as part of their Halloween revelries.  While I hope neither one of those things are true, I can’t leave such a cute little kitten to the mercies of uncertain fate and bring it in, only to discover fleas!  While running the flea comb over it, I discover it is female.  Next is a trip up to the store for flea killer, before the pests infest my other cat and two dogs.

I really hate taking on other people’s problems, and that is how I see stray animals.  Other people did not have the courtesy to properly spay or neuter their animals and ended up with unwanted kittens or puppies that they could not find homes for.  Or worse, actually allowed their animal to get pregnant for the experience of having puppies or kittens, and then couldn’t find homes for all the babies.  There is even worse.  There are breeders who decide to go out of business and just release the animals to nature and whatever fate befalls them.  There are people who would lay out for you exactly what this fate would be, but I don’t feel that is necessary.  You are intelligent people.

These people could have done the decent thing and taken their unwanted animals to a shelter.  If possible they could have made a small donation, if that was not possible, the shelter most likely would have taken the animal anyway.

There is an off-chance that someone actually lost this kitten.  I will watch for fliers, and the local vet should know if anyone has lost their pet.  She is very sweet and loving.

In the last week I know several people who have taken in stray kittens, including my sister and niece.  I have watched their cute kitten videos on Facebook.  I guess I was primed as an easy mark.

Now I need a name:  Spooky, Blackie, Midnight…. Suggestions welcome.

And I need to get some flea killer!

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