Don’t Hide Your Light

An amazing pianist plays at all the church functions, and shared that she wrote a piece of music and was going to get it recorded at a local studio, except that she put it away someplace and can’t find it. What really makes this story special, is that this pianist, like many self-taught musicians, cannot read notes, and does not know the names of the notes on the keyboard, but plays entirely by ear. Another musician wrote down her music for her, and she put her one copy away and now, she can’t find it for the making of her recording.

Just like her, I have gone through every drawer, box, nook and cranny of my home looking for stories I wrote and put safely away. I moved them from place to place around the country, and I can remember exactly where they were in different homes. I decided I wanted to share my stories with my grandchildren, my church, my blog, and I can’t find them. The good new is that the very polite rejection letters are also gone, even letters telling me my effort is good, but does not fit their current editorial needs. My work is hidden, even from me. Lost.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to share your creativity. The reviews might be mixed. Your family may not understand why you waste your time when you could be doing something productive like training for a marathon, before rushing off to work and then back home to take care of families at night. Your friends might politely say “That’s nice,” as they rush off to pick up the kids and take them to their next scheduled event. Busy people don’t have time to sit and appreciate your creativity.

But there is a light of appreciation you see reflected in the eyes of others when they take the time and really appreciate what you have done. Others will admire the work and skill put into that crocheted baby blanket, quilt, or beautiful and tasty meal. When your work of art or writing creates exactly the response in another person that you intended, you have stepped beyond admiration to heart to heart, mind to mind connection.

If you hide what your creativity, you will never know the joy of appreciation or connection. So get yourself out there and do some self promotion. Enter contests, use social media, pass it around, do whatever you can think of, just don’t hide what you do. If those closest to you don’t appreciate what you do, there are those out there who might, if you give them the chance, so follow your heart. You will be happier as a result.

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