The American Experiment


I hope everyone had a happy July Fourth.  I was in Maryland, staying close to D.C. for Independence Day at a hotel with an international clientele.  The only hint of violence were the reports of ISIS attacks reported on CNN.

I have been following the primary and election  process very careful.   I have very strong feelings about certain issues and find the ugly rhetoric  employed by some of those running as harmful, creating intolerance, and fostering hate.  I hear people say such rhetoric is only emotional talk, and policy would be much more informed and diplomatically implemented.  I would like to be assured, before we vote for our president, that the person elected is a serious and responsible candidate.  The primary offered choices from each party that meet my criteria.  Hopefully the chosen candidates will rise to the challenge.

I have been reluctant to write  in-depth about politics in an effort to retain a degree of neutrality, but politics dominates my thoughts.   Besides, my opinion is only my opinion.  The only value of my opinion is the value you, the reader, give it.  I am not a political reporter, nor political analyst.  Just a person trying to become informed and vote for the person who I  believe will do something good for the  American people.  My forceful defense of my stance on issues has provoked forceful assertions of the right to hold a contrary opinion.  If you don’t want to hear a contrary opinion,  then just keep quiet, and hold your opinion.

I have been upset at times, until I ran across an old journal entry written during another presidential election cycle.  The  feelings and concerns I wrote of then, are the very same feelings and concerns I have now.  Some how the American Experiment keeps on going.

The best or worst president has only a limited amount of power.  Congress can howl presidential overreach, and can refuse to approve appointments, but what the president is allowed to do is defined, in broad strokes.  In fact the duties of the legislative branch of government and the judicial branch of government are also defined in broad strokes.  These broad strokes create a lot of controversy over which branch has the power to do specific things.  Does the Judicial legislation the result of Supreme Court decisions?  Is the congressional obstruction the result of legislative control over the budget?

The struggle makes for an interesting show, and helps to prevent any real damage from being done.  If a president does anything really bad there is the option of impeachment. Impeachment is rare, only happening twice in the history of our United States.

So enjoy the freedom to vocally disagree with your candidates, and vote bravely.  You will get to do it all again in another four years.


Will IT Never End

Political stress and anxiety have some people fearing the end of the American Dream.

For his entire presidency the left says President Obama doesn’t go far enough, and the right says he goes to far.  These disagreements on the hill have caused government  gridlock, with those in favor of President Obama’s work around (executive order) being drowned out cries of presidential overreach. Now the primary season is dragging on and on leaving everyone to question whether party unity is possible.  The idea of parties actually working together and coming up with workable compromise is the impossible dream.

“Its only politics,” you say, but political stress and anxiety still strikes.  Political actions affect us in direct and indirect ways.  A government shut down, because a budget can’t be agreed upon affects the many government employees very directly.  If a budget can’t be agreed upon, the stock market fluctuates, investors lose money, interest rates fluctuate, and the bottom line is what you have to spend, and how much the things you want will cost you are directly affected.  This is only one example, I am sure you can think of some government action, or inaction, that has affected you in some way.  Many actions don’t affect me at all, yet politics confronts me with making decisions that could affect others.

Pro-choice/pro-life, LGBT rights, the plight of illegal immigrants has never been a personal issue for me.  I have sympathy for both sides.  Politically, I am a centrist, and I have proof!  I took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, and so can you.

I’ve always called myself a moderate, while some call me liberal and others call me conservative.  I’m teased that I just can’t commit to a position.  I hope its teasing.

All of this politics causes a lot of stress.  Me yes, but many others.  While learning about the use of SEO “search engine optimization with Reji Stephenson at Digital Dimensions4u   I tested the process using political topics and learned that people dealing with political stress and anxiety fear the coming election will lead to civil war, or just want to get away from any ramifications of the upcoming decisions by leaving the country if the opposition candidate should win.  When the SEO of Political Stress came up, I knew I found my topic.

Living in “enemy” territory, holding the minority opinion is particularly stressful, at least for me, as the urge to speak out arises . Speaking out has changed, maybe aborted, some budding social relationships.   When you don’t speak out, people assume you think the same way they do.  During a campaign season where the extreme positions take the spotlight there is a lot of eye rolling.   Each candidate has its following and their supporters are coming to physical conflict.  There are the Never Donald Trump and Never Hillary Clinton camps, and many will simply refuse to vote at all.  Then there is the Bernie “Burn” camp who want to vote in a new congress.

It is all very exciting to follow the reality show of our United States politics, but for all of us politics is stressful.  Stress that can affect the workplace, social settings, the future makeup of our countries leadership, and our lives.  A feeling of bad choices will cause some to drop out, and if those people are the centrists, then government gridlock will remain for the foreseeable future.

(Thank you Reji for teaching me about somethings so useful!)



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