Studio Reorganization

On this wonderful snowy Wednesday I welcome you to my studio.  A snowy day would be a wonderful day to be occupied with the many projects started in my studio, but it is no longer an environment conducive to creativity.  The part of the room you don’t see in the following picture is the office section of the space, and although the office section is not tidy, I can still work at my computer.

studio mess

You can see the chair I am reupholstering, and the pile of fleece left from other projects that will be transformed into two dog beds, and there is a shoe box full of doll clothing that needs to be sewn.  The shoe box on the cutting table is full of pictures.  Plus there are a number of items that have just migrated to the flat areas outside of the main living area.

The main living area has been simplified, dusted and vacuumed (daily).  My allergic little Brutus is currently free of skin rashes, and ear infections.  So far so good.

Now it is my turn.  I have three rooms worth of stuff in my studio.  Without constant vigilance, entropy slowly and surly overtakes my space.

Like many creative people, I collect stuff that might be useful someday:  dry cleaning bags, papers, ribbons, magazines, fabric (old clothing, sheets and new yardage), batting, foam, little plastic or metal pieces, rocks, stray game pieces, interesting bottles, strange items of packing material, cardboard tubes or sheets, etc.   Everything might be useful to create something new and wonderful.  I have a variety of art supplied for a variety of media.  All of this stuff needs storage, and often it is inaccessible.   (Those doll clothes were buried in the closet and lost for several months.  Fortunately dolls do not grow.)  Just assembling what I need for an idea is a major accomplishment.

But I am ready to try again.  I’ve been studying craft room organization on Pinterest and other websites.  I am determined to lick this.  But there is another option if I find myself in the same position is a few months.  I’ll have to buy a house with three additional rooms.





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