The Psychic Fair

Near my home in New Castle, Pennsylvania, is a place known as the
Haunted Hill View Manor.  The sign at the end of the driveway said, “Psychic Fair”  with another sign, “Free Admission.”

I’ve heard it was previously an old age home, but the promotional material makes it sound much more ominous than the locals I have talked to, but they are allowed.  It would be very boring without an interesting back story.

There were many psychics on hand to tell your fortune, read your aura, palm, tea leaves or whatever.  These people are the real deal.  You can tell they are real by the $30 to $40 charged for a reading.  The speakers were free, and we got there just as a man talking about how to access the astral plain was getting started.  As you may imagine, meditation is key, with the possible addition of mind altering substances.

There were also many vendors selling jewelry, symbols, candles etc. If you find my description lacking I must apologize.  I walked through, but could not linger.  The mold level inside the building was quite high.  I did complain to the person in charge and was referred to their waiver, which excludes them from any responsibility for any thing that may cause you injury or harm, up to and including death.  And what did I expect, “It’s an old building.”

Today, I sent this email:

Greetings,  I attended your Psychic Fair on Saturday, June 2.  I could not linger and had to quickly leave due to asthma and the mold in your facility.  I said something to the person in charge, who referred me to the Waiver, which basically says you are not responsible for anything at all, ever, under any circumstances. While I can see that is of great benefit to you, it does nothing to inform me of the dangers involved.  Any other attraction open to the public has large signs warning of dangers to specific people with a higher than average risk.  At the hotel hot tub, “Not recommended for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant, or children under the age of 10.”  Similar signs are found at amusement parks.  Even the TSA warns people with pacemakers to inform the agent.  Especially for events, open to the public, you need a warning posted that those with respiratory issues should not enter due to mold.  I believe your waiver still leaves you open to liability, but I am not a lawyer, so what do I really know.  Being an old building doesn’t let you off the hook, as many old building have had mold remediation. But once again, I am not a lawyer.                          I  wish I could have enjoyed your Psychic Fair, but I couldn’t and shall not return, nor recommend a visit to your facility.

So now all of you know what I expect.  Any lawyers who might be reading, perhaps you would like to weigh in on the level the waiver protects them.

I do apologize if you find my tone dismissive of the psychic realm.  I assure you, that is not the case, but when it comes to psychics, there is no licensing board.  I myself have toyed with the idea of hanging out my shingle, and quietly advertising.  Charlatan?  That depends on your beliefs.


Lunch with a Side of Politics

We stopped for lunch at our local, neighborhood restaurant after church on Sunday.  The Hugger Mugger, in New Castle, PA has generous servings of good food.  Around the restaurant, there are televisions, but this is the second time I’ve notices a change in channel selection, so I asked about it.

When we moved into the neighborhood, Hugger Mugger was the closest restaurant to our home.  It has been our first choice, for times we are busy and don’t want to cook.  Hugger Mugger has several televisions throughout the restaurant which have been set to the major news channels, CNN and FOX NEWS.  I liked to sit where I could look back and forth between the two.  I liked the attempt at balance.  I liked a choice wasn’t being made.

Things at the Hugger have changed.  I am told the owner has instructed the only channels to be used are FOX and The Weather Channel.  If all the televisions had been changed from news channels to something else, I would have an entirely different reaction.  There are other choices:  cartoons, fashion, sports, or other non political programs.

I already know I am one of the few who voted for the opposition in this area I now live.   Now I feel a little less welcome in one of our local establishments, and the community at large.

I remember Republicans complaining about the cast of Hamilton making an appeal for unity.  The Republicans called the comments “rude,” “harassment,” and “inappropriate” for a venue where you pay your own money to be there.  Vice-president Pence left the theater.

The peaceful protest by athletes of taking a knee during the National Anthem has additionally been called “disrespectful to veterans”  (some of whom support the athletes), and “un-american.”  Some people have decided to boycott athletic events due to these political statements.

It was called being PC or politically correct to be careful of your opinions.  Restaurants, businesses, and professionals were expected to be quiet with their opinions while they were taking your money for their services.  If they are forward with their opinions there are other choices.

I just wanted a nice omelet for lunch, without the side of partisan politics.  It is a simple business basic to appeal to the broadest possible patronage.  Politics and business don’t mix if your intention is to appeal to the broadest possible clientele.  Another business may offer your same service.

Hazel’s in New Castle, PA has a nice Omelet.  Hazel’s also leaves the partisan politics outside.

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