Summer is finally here, well effectively here.  Graduations have been happening all around the area.  Quiet neighborhoods are being run by children.

This is the time I remember most fondly from childhood.  These summer days of freedom to just go and have fun in the neighborhood.  Play equipment in every yard was being used. We knew where to find the sensitive plants and blackberries (which we watched for signs of ripeness).  Collecting stones and following bugs were favorite pastimes.  Watching clouds and dreaming in the shade followed bicycle rides and jumping backyard fences.

We would run home for lunch and be called in for dinner.  We felt free.  We felt unsupervised, but all the neighbors kept their eyes on the kids in the neighborhood.  We couldn’t get away with anything.  If you stepped out of line, you got a quick reprimand, and you got it again when you got home.

We had no cell phones in our pockets, yet our parents always knew what was going on and where we were.  It was our job to keep them informed of exactly where we were going.  Outside was playing in the neighborhood, taking our bikes meant riding up and down the street and around the block, the playground was over at the school where a variety of summer activities took place, including baseball.

Now I’m going to sound like a little old lady.  Today’s kids don’t have this sense of complete freedom.  Their parents are working, and don’t want to impose on the neighbors to watch their children.  I don’t know what their memories of childhood will be like.  They play video games.  They visit grandma (which is the best). They are also free from homework every night so I imagine they feel the sense of freedom.

I knew I had entered the adult world when I was still expected to go to work after “the kids” got out of school for the summer.  Work was no longer an option, but a commitment.  If you were one of the lucky ones, you got a week or two of vacation.  There are different reward to adulthood, and if you handle it right, you still feel free.

What’s This


Roofing work ended in fire.  A mishap with a blow torch.  A quick thinking volunteer fire fighter, moonlighting on the roofing crew, sprang into action.  The hose we had put into the garage in preparation for the change in the weather three days earlier, was pulled from storage and hooked up to water.  Hubby ran to the basement to turn on the water to the tap.

At one point, they thought they had the fire out.  It flamed back up.  Meanwhile, I was on the phone with 911, giving them the address and getting police and fire to the house, and relaying messages to get out of the building.

I RAN OUT of the house, no coat, into the cold.  A neighbor loaned me a jacket.  Another brought us a pot of coffee.  The Red Cross came to our aid.  Our darling daughter has opened her home to us, our dog, and our two cats.

I guess time got away from me.   All of this happened on Monday.  Tuesday we met with the clean-up people, who took lots of picture.  Wednesday we met with the insurance adjuster.  Thursday we met with the arson inspector and the prime contractor.

The quick summary is that everything needs to be cleaned, most of the house needs to be gutted, and all this will take five or six months.  Because of this lengthy time period, we will allow the insurance company to move us into temporary housing, and allow our granddaughter back into her bedroom, but this will take a little time.

Until we are resettled, my daughter and I  will enjoy our favorite guilty pleasures (only the non flattening ones), including our two favorite soap operas General Hospital and The Walking Dead.

Note:  All Christmas gifts are fine.  I still have a little shopping.  I’m truly blessed by a wonderful family.  Merry Christmas. 


Photo by April E. Sutton taken with my Samsung Tablet

Living in close proximity to others takes something special.  Especially the ability to overlook minor annoyances.

Hopefully your neighbors will all be polite, and thoughtfully quiet.  Hopefully neighbors will maintain their little piece of the world.  Hopefully neighbors will be considerate of you privacy.   Hopefully neighbors will properly supervise children and pets.   These are the basic requirements of good neighbors.

Recently, our very good neighbors have been busy with home improvement projects. Their seaside colors and nautical design are not our taste, but to each their own.  Our neighbors long for the beach.  Everything is well maintained.  What more can we ask?

Our neighbor’s most recent project was sorting and reorganizing.   Their new storage is attractive.  But….

From previous experience,  I  have learned our complaints are meaningless.   I don’t want to start a battle after six years of living peacefully side by side.  However,  I am distressed by the pile of trash that has developed behind their storage and just off my backyard.  Adding to my displeasure, is that this pile has accumulated just as we have taken more active measures to sell our home.  Who wants to buy a home overlooking a trash pile?  Even a neatly bagged trash pile does not show off our home to best advantage.

We have offered the use of our pickup truck, and our assistance,  to transport the pile to the dump.  None of us know where the dump is, nor how much the fees will be.  I believe more than one trip to the dump will be required.

I may have found my next dream home.  I am anxious to move on, but we can’t move until our current home sells.  Cross your fingers, send up prayers, and wish me luck.   I need all the help I can get.

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