Night Life

Our little bit.

Once, nightlife meant drinking, dancing, dinner and smokes.  No more.  I wouldn’t say we have become puritan, but life changes.  Being there to soothe our babies nightmares and being there for breakfast, became our good time.  Instead for running out to meet friends, it was more important of run home, see the kids, watch a little kid friendly TV, and cuddle together on the couch.

Little ones don’t stay little.  It’s irksome how fast you live through that stage. Children grow from rug rats, to curtain climbers, to yard monkeys.  They were busy years.  Little league, scouts, music lessons, became the school newspaper, band, plays, track, plays, and musicals.  Add some cross-country trips, graduations and weddings, and it was a very busy life indeed.

Now our quiet life is punctuated by visits with grandchildren.  Holidays, when the family gets together, we pull out the air mattresses and fill up the house.  For a brief time we are surrounded with laughter, stuff ourselves with our favorite foods, and spend time playing like kids.  I can’t wait.

Exhausted,  we send everyone home and we have a chance to recover as we get back to our peaceful routine.  No, we aren’t puritan, just getting really mature.

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