Dealing With Buracracy

Oh my gosh.  Hands shaking, I grab them in a vain attempt to stop or at least hide it.  While obvious that I’m  wringing my hands, I can’t stop.  I shiver all over, as if I’m  freezing, and I am in fact cold.  No one else is cold, in fact the temperature  is in the upper 80’s, and I can’t stop shivering.  I blame it on the air conditioning  and the fan.  An arm over my shoulders, while comforting, does not warm me.  Decisions have to be made, actions taken.  I am frustrated by excuses and apologies.  I am frustrated by lies that I am at fault.  I missed four calls, but there is no record in an age when every call leaves its mark.  Again apologies and efforts to blame others.  My voice tense with politeness as I fulfill yet another repeated request.  Finally, all is in order, I hope.   I say a terse thank you and disconnect  the call.  It takes time, but as the stress and anxiety leaves my  body, I slowly warm.  My hands are the last part of my body to again feel normal.

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