The Computer Died

The title says it all.  My trusty computer, with all my picture files, and customizations, died.  I could have fixed it, but I have this newer computer with up to date software, so I decided to bite the bullet and go with the new system.   I will figure it out.

While waiting for the diagnosis of my old friend, Shadow and I have been busy.  I dug a bunch of old t-shirts of my stash and set to work cutting strips.   Every once in awhile it is just good to make something with your hands, and I needed a new rug at my kitchen sink, one that could be easily washed.  Reusing t-shirts is easy.  T-shirts do not unravel, and can be cut into long strips, for my project, or sliced and knotted  to create a new look for wearing.

Shadow was fascinated by the dangling strips of cloth.  As much as she tried to be a big cat, she is sucked into the entertainments of a kitten.

Mom, What are we doing?  The Hell.
Mom, What are we doing? The Hell.

Shadow sat on my lap while I worked.  If I left the project for even a moment, Shadow was checking it out.

I think I like crocheting, Mom.
I think I like crocheting, Mom.

The project was completed swiftly with a large needle, and is very comfortable underfoot, or under cat.   She has been very busy looking for the next project and has little time to sit around, so no picture of Shadow reclining on the rug.  Shadow prefers dangling strings or balls to bat around.   For your enjoyment here is a picture of the new rug.   It is amazing what you can do with a few old t-shirts.

Recycled T's

We are buying more than 80 billion new items of clothing a year, an increase of over 40 percent over 20 years ago, due to the rapid change of styles.  As a result Americans alone are dumping 11 million tons of textile waste into landfills.   Textiles are one of the most easily recycled items around, yet only a small percentage are recovered.

Pinterest is full of ideas to up-cycle clothing, from little girl dresses out of men’s shirts, to wonderfully creative t-shirt remakes.  But not everything can be remade.  Some items are just to worn, but that doesn’t mean they have no use.  Wiping and polishing cloths, insulation, and stuffing are a few of the ways recycled fabric is used.  If you are handy, you might make something from an old garment, or piece of fabric.  If you are not handy, look for ways to recycle in your area.

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