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The exclusive bespoke blog of April E. Sutton.  From its name, April’s Perspective, through every detail, this blog is custom crafted for your enjoyment.  Each word is selected, each sentence and paragraph crafted by April herself.  Each topic bespeaks April’s interests, ideas, and language skills (or non skills as may be).

Thanks to WordPress, this blog is customized exclusively by and for April.  Pictures and artwork are custom created or selected by April. Every bit of this blog, good or bad, is crafted by April.

April does this in an effort to express herself, but also to share and entertain.  Please enjoy, comment, and share.  April’s Perspective is available for re-blog.  April herself is available as a guest author.  Payment is not expected, but delightfully accepted.  (If you have money you absolutely must get rid of I do have a PayPal account.  We can work it out.)






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