Our Inner Life

Inkblot Test Plate #1A Rorschach Test is a psychological test developed in 1921 with the aim of identifying individuals with some thought disorders. It is better known as an inkblot test.  To me many of the inkblots look like x-rays, but that may be because I was an x-ray technician for the first 12 years of my adult life.  My second choice for the picture above would be angles.  I don’t know what a psychologist would think of my results, but I have no doubt that I do have some minor thought disorder.  If you would like to test yourself you can go here.  You won’t learn anything significant, unless you are a psychologist, but it can be enlightening.

Doodles can give you a hint of your interior life.  I learned my doodles of circles show I am trying to find unity and peace, plus I am sociable and friendly.  Drawing eyes means I am also reserved, and look inside myself.  My face drawing show I see the best in others.  My flowers show femininity and love of family.  Triangles show I have a rational mind. Check the meaning of your doodles.

Art therapy can be a window to your inner life, and improve your self-esteem.  Creating a drawing, painting, sculpture, or collage is fun, playful, and you get to interpret it as you see fit.  Here is a collage I did two years ago.  It decorates my studio, and I enjoy it every day.

More Than Meets the Eye: four worlds represent my children.  My love of nature is represented.  The story it tells me today is different from the story it told me when I first completed the collage.    

Just looking at clouds is a window to your interior life.  While traveling with my husband the other day I was amazed by the things I saw in the clouds.  I wished I was a better painter so I could have preserved what my imagination saw in the sky that day.  Not simple images, but complex constructions, with depth and beautiful shading.

Just like my collage, you are more than meets the eye.  Have fun exploring who you are.  Rordr

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