Did they plant the seeds of our civilization?  Did they guide our development?  Did they mess with our DNA?  Did they set us upon the path of technological advancement?   Are they studying us, or keeping tabs on us?  Is the government hiding the proof of their existence from us?  What if all we are, and all we know, comes from them?

You know who I am talking about, don’t you?  Aliens, who in ancient times, some theorize, came from across the galaxy and taught us to stack rocks.  Aliens, who some claim have abducted them for study and testing, and may even be cross breeding with us, either to promote our development, or to save their own species.

If they are here checking up on us what must they be thinking?   We are a war like species, and are constantly beating on our chests to prove our viewpoint is the right viewpoint.  When beating our chests is not persuasive, we are perfectly capable of escalating to ever greater methods of insisting upon compliance with our views.

Despite our highly evolved brains we have an unlimited capacity to ignore the reality before us, and believe what we want. Here we have a perfectly good world, and even though the scientific community has achieved an unusual degree of consensus upon global climate change, we refuse to take any action as if our world is as disposable as the wrappings our lunch came in.  There are still areas of our world without indoor plumbing, or reliably safe water and enough food.

We point our telescopes to the sky and have yet to document their voices, let alone visiting spaceships, and alien abduction books are in the non-fiction section of book stores and libraries.

Maybe there is life on other planets as the scientists say, and I will admit I thought I saw the ship of one, for about a minute.  I was traveling along route 52 along the Ohio River when I saw a glowing cigar-shaped flying object.  This is how UFO’s from outer space are often described.  After all the nights spent watching the sky on camping trips, with nary a UFO in sight, I finally think I have gotten lucky.  I kept glancing at the glowing cigar-shaped object streaking across the sky, and as it got closer I realized I saw a bump at the top of it.  As I told my grandchildren my encounter with this UFO, this is where their eyes were as round as saucers, and they were vibrating in their seats with excitement.  As the flying object got even closer it adjusted its flight, and I could see it was merely a small airplane.  At this part in my story, my grandchildren were a reflection of my own disappointment.

Maybe there is evidence hidden by the government at Area 51.  I can believe one lost craft could have crash landed on our planet.  Otherwise, I am skeptical of alien involvement in our development, or progress.  But in case I’m wrong, we are going to go UFO and alien hunting and see if we can hitch a ride off of this rock.

I would like to express my thanks to Nerdy, who’s prompt got me going on this post. I am not sure this is what you had in mind, but thanks anyway.                      

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