You Won

This is probably when I  should just be quiet, bite my tongue bloody, and step away from the computer.  But Nooooo!  That is not what I’m doing.  All my common sense says, “This will make me no friends.”  Really.  I know. But this is really just too amusing.

Sure I am disappointed that my candidate didn’t get elected.  I accept the decision of my country, and hope for the best.  While I  may disagree on policy, you won’t find me seeking a second amendment solution.  Name calling really isn’t my style, either.

After a campaign openly supported by the alt-right (a new word for antisemitic racist swastika bearing white supremacists), some people aren’t willing to let it go.  Not all Republicans are alt-right, racists or others in the basket of deplorables, but unless you have avoided the news completely, and why wouldn’t you, you have seen the rallies with neo-Nazis lifting their arm in salute shouting Trump.

A cafe in Hawaii has posted a sign to prohibit Trump voters and Nazis.  Republicans are not just annoyed, but complaining about the poor taste of offering a side of politics with lunch.

I had this very same reaction, which I shared with Hubby repeatedly, during the Clinton administration and again during the Obama years.  While going to a dentist, insurance office, or other private business I constantly saw disrespectful political signs and distasteful cartoon. My complaints were met with mockery of my political correctness.   President Clinton and President Obama were frequently called Hitler by those opposing them politically.

During the last eight years, I  have had to endure lectures on the evils of universal healthcare or Obamacare.  I have had to change my podiatrist and my orthopedist, because at the cost of these specialists, I thought it poor taste to subject me to their political diatribe. While not unfeeling about the financial hit they are taking, I have a hard time feeling too bad when their houses are much bigger and their cars are much finer than mine.

Political comments are totally lacking in civility. Comments on the President and first family have taken on a very personal tone, have been overtly racist, and without regard for the fact that most people will not be persuaded to change their views by name calling, anger, and disdain.

Where has all of this righteous indignation been over the last eight years?  To those minority Republicans living among the Democrat enemy,  I would like to assure you that you will survive.  Of course, you could move here to coal country.  Feeling pillaged by Obama policy, coal county is the lap of the Trump majority.  We could trade houses for awhile.  Deal?

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