Seeking Serenity

Maryland, photo by April E. Sutton on her Samsung tablet

It was a six-hour drive to Maryland  for my grandson’s musical, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.

The beginning of the trip was through a deluge.  Nearer my destination, the sun came out, and I took note of the early spring life.  The underbrush was dressed in early spring green, but the Red-bud Trees I knew to be along the route were not in bloom.  I hoped the Red-bud trees would be in bloom on my return trip.   At my son’s home, I noticed cherry trees and other flowering trees in bloom.

It was a long trip for a play, but my grandson’s delight made the trip worth while.  I did not see much of my grandson, because the play, the cast party, and striking the set took most of his waking hours.

On the way home, am happy to report, the Red-bud trees were in bloom.   I hope they are hearty enough to retain their blooms through the spring snow we have on the way.

I hope I was tired, but more likely I was in a downward spiral, when I got home.   (Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.) Hubby was on top of everything, so I should have been happy.  He put an ad for our mobile home in the newspaper, and got calls from a couple of interested parties.  He had a nice dinner ready for me when I got home. The neighbor got rid of most of the trash, leaving only the trimmings from his evergreen tree.   Hubby vacuumed and mowed getting us ready for the appointment with the house hunters.

After a second good night’s sleep in my own bed, I was feeling better.  I went to the YMCA for some water aerobics and out to lunch with the girls.  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in other people’s problems, whether problems of family or friends, or problems of Syrian children in need of a champion that make my liberal heart bleed.

These are times when the Serenity Prayer is needed.

Calligraphy Complete Serenity Prayer

My Own Holiday

Ever want your own holiday?   You couldn’t ask for a better one than April Fool’s Day. April first has always felt like my personal holiday.  In elementary school, everyone of the 40 kids in my class had a special prank just for me.  Throughout junior high and high school the pranks continued, including ever bigger groups of classmates.

I tried to get into the spirit.  The only trick I can remember was an epic fail.  I had heard the idea of replacing the sugar with salt.  To me it seemed harmless.  My Dad took two heaping scoops for his coffee, and took a great big swallow.  It was not funny.  This was my last prank.

Thank goodness April Fool’s Day only comes once a year.  Now April first is a good day to lounge around the house and watch television.   What a great holiday.


Thank Goodness for the NHS

It is nice to hear from someone happy with their healthcare system.

Suzie Speaks

On Tuesday I noticed a small lump and some pain behind my ear. Combined with the fact that I thought I had a urinary tract infection and I needed to get a mole checked, I thought it might be a good idea to go and book an appointment at the doctors yesterday to have a bit of an overhaul and deal with everything all at once.

An hour later I was sitting in A&E at the local hospital, with a strong antibiotic prescription for the UTI, an immediate referral for suspected mastoiditis (acute infection of the mastoid bone at the back of the ear) and I’ve been referred to a dermatologist in the next week as the mole ‘needed urgently looking at.’

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My Kingdom

My territory!  Queen of my domain, my King at my side.  Where we decide what suits us. Where we design our surroundings.  What colors we like.  What makes us comfortable.  Where we make the rules.  Where dogs sit upon our laps.  Where cats sit on the window sill.   A place for us.  A place where we can welcome family.  A place where friends are welcome.  Where all are welcome, but my wishes are law.



U.S. Blogging Event Details

  1. I’ve never been to a blogging event before, but I am so excited! I can’t wait to shake each and every hand, take tons of selfie, and blog a great review! Thanks for the info El Paolo Woman. You too Phil.

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1490197008047.jpgChicago Prime Italian

Hi everyone. First of all, I want to say thank you so much for your patience and support! I’m excited to say we finally have a location for the first U.S. Blogging Event! Please feel free to reblog and/or share on social media. Here it is below:

wp-1490198552232.jpgOur dinner and awards ceremony will be held at Chicago Prime Italian in Schaumburg, Illinois on Saturday Aug. 26, 2017 at 6 p.m. for three to four hours. Depending on traffic, Schaumburg is about 40 minutes away from Chicago using public transportation or a taxi. You may even be able to stay in Schaumburg. We decided on Schaumburg because costs were more reasonable than Chicago. Since there is a deposit to hold the restaurant, I will need a payment of $5.50 from each person who is attending. The $5.50 will go towards holding the restaurant for us and the final bill. The payment can…

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Photo by April E. Sutton taken with my Samsung Tablet

Living in close proximity to others takes something special.  Especially the ability to overlook minor annoyances.

Hopefully your neighbors will all be polite, and thoughtfully quiet.  Hopefully neighbors will maintain their little piece of the world.  Hopefully neighbors will be considerate of you privacy.   Hopefully neighbors will properly supervise children and pets.   These are the basic requirements of good neighbors.

Recently, our very good neighbors have been busy with home improvement projects. Their seaside colors and nautical design are not our taste, but to each their own.  Our neighbors long for the beach.  Everything is well maintained.  What more can we ask?

Our neighbor’s most recent project was sorting and reorganizing.   Their new storage is attractive.  But….

From previous experience,  I  have learned our complaints are meaningless.   I don’t want to start a battle after six years of living peacefully side by side.  However,  I am distressed by the pile of trash that has developed behind their storage and just off my backyard.  Adding to my displeasure, is that this pile has accumulated just as we have taken more active measures to sell our home.  Who wants to buy a home overlooking a trash pile?  Even a neatly bagged trash pile does not show off our home to best advantage.

We have offered the use of our pickup truck, and our assistance,  to transport the pile to the dump.  None of us know where the dump is, nor how much the fees will be.  I believe more than one trip to the dump will be required.

I may have found my next dream home.  I am anxious to move on, but we can’t move until our current home sells.  Cross your fingers, send up prayers, and wish me luck.   I need all the help I can get.

Life Isn’t Fair

Rains wash out the long awaited barbecue and fireworks.   There is a pop quiz when you haven’t studied.  You fail that big test, because you are sleep deprived after studying 72 hours straight.

These are not examples of the unfairness of life.  These are simply lessons of life. Weather happens and we have no choice, but to smile and go on with an alternate plan. We learn to always be prepared for those pop quizzes of life.   We learn to balance work with rest.

We make wrong choices, and if we are smart, we learn from them.  Neither is this learning process the evidence that that life is unfair.  True, we may cry, and beg God to save us from our shortsightedness, and complain about the unfairness of being constantly tested by life.  Deep down inside we accept the consequences of our actions, and sometimes we learn the lessons, and make changes.  Otherwise, we repeat our lessons until we learn.

The acceptance that is difficult, is the acceptance that we don’t all start off the same, with the same opportunities, and chances.  Poverty rests heavily on some, and lightly on others.  Learning opportunities are given more freely to some that others.  Patience and kindness bless the lives of some, and others live under fear and want.   Some people have teachers and parents to lead them on the right path, and other people must find their own way.

These divisions even occur within the same family.  Family prosperity can change during the formative years of children of various ages.  The poverty one child experiences, is not even remembered by another child, because they did not experience the poverty.  As a family’s fortunes change, the enriching opportunities to the children vary between them.  Educational opportunities can open up that were closed to earlier siblings.  The love is consistent, but parental health, prosperity and changes in responsibly outside the family create differences in opportunity for the children.

Siblings may not be able to see the lost opportunities of another, thinking their differences were a matter of choice, rather than a difference in the circumstances of their lives.  This is unfair.  Not only has one sibling missed opportunities another received, but sharing the grief over missed opportunity can be interpreted as criticism of the family and particularly the very loved parents.

While others may not be able to understand the grief of lost opportunities, there are other opportunities and other dreams.  The struggles are not the same, because things are not equal.  Every person has struggles.  No one knows when fortunes will change, nor when tragedy will strike.  A life that starts out with deprivation, can end with prosperity.  Early neglect can place a seed of compassion for the future.

Life may not be fair, but you can find another dream, happiness, and love.



Lucky Me

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Photos taken by April E Sutton with a Samsung tablet.

The Daily Prompt- Luck

I do have a touch of Irish in my ancestry, and perhaps a little Irish luck as well.

Traveling from my home in the southern tip of Ohio, to my sister’s home in the frozen north, I encountered snow.  Not just snow, but a blizzard.  Periodic break checks proved the road condition good, but given the rate of snowfall, I  wasn’t taking any chances.  Driving in the snow safely, reqires traveling a little slower, and leaving a little extra stopping distance.

Other drivers appeared more  confident of the road condition, their driving skills, and my ability to come to a sudden stop.

Another woman entered the highway, and pulled over to the high-speed lane (I  prefer calling it the through lane), right in front of me,   The distance between us was far closer than I would have been comfortable with even if we were going the same speed.  She was going at least 20 miles per hour slower than me.  There were a few stressful moments, and I laid on the horn, as well as the breaks.  All is well.

Safely at my sisters, I enjoyed the snow with some photographs, from the warmth of the house.  Enjoy!


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