Photo by April E.  Sutton taken with my Samsung Tablet.

The weather is warm and the blankets are draped on the blanket stand.  The stand was crafted by Hubby, and I applied the decorative finish.  A simple, attractive, and useful item gracing my daughter’s home.  Our boys were given similar blanket stands.

Hubby doesn’t have a workshop currently.  We live in a dollhouse, and have been investigating other housing options.  The choices are making me crazy.

We could move our dollhouse but the properties we have seen so far are a distance from where we want to be.  Purchasing and preparing land for a home is not a do-it- yourself project, and not worth the trouble unless you are going to be happy in the location.  We want to live closer to our daughter.  What about the boys?  The move would shave time off of the travel time to their homes also.  Our family is spread out like dandelion fluff on the wind.

If only I  could pull my family around me like my favorite warm blanket on a cold winter day .  It would be wonderful having my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren surrounding me with their warmth, even on the warmest days.  We could have a picnic.

Earth Day Thoughts

File:Flapping mallard rising from water.jpg
Flapping mallard rising from water taken at Shapwick Heath by Dr Chrissy on April 4, 2011

Beleaguered scientists around the world join ranks in support of the science supporting the theory that human activity is contributing to global warming in the face of a political climate that questions the legitimacy of science.

Scientists really know how to march on Washington.  With clever signs and rock music, scientists join tree-huggers on this Earth Day.

Beginning in 1970, Earth Day was  conceived as a day of education by Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin.   Nelson was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Bill Clinton in 1995 in thanks.   The first Earth Day attracted 20 million Americans, and is now celebrated around the world.

Earth Day attracts people concerned about air and water quality, those who want to preserve our natural world, and today includes those who are concerned about global climate change.

There is an empty six acres across the road from our home.  An old house is falling down, and the “For Sale” sign has been posted on the property for the entire six plus years we have lived here.  The place is a protected wetland, and is protecting a tiny endangered frog.

This six acres has become a refuge for birds, that sing me out of bed many mornings from spring to fall.  As long as I have been able to have a restful night, I am happy with the bird song, but there have been mornings I have closed the window to the noise.

I imagine there are other critters hiding in the grass, brush, brambles and trees of the area.  Critters such as rabbits, bugs (which birds and frogs might like), lizards, snakes, mice and rats.  It is an entire habitat of wild creatures, taking sanctuary from the roads, mowed lawns, manicured, and sterilized areas surrounding it.

Local residents are livid!  The local residents risk fines to dispose of grass clippings and other yard waste with no other place to put it.  Their sympathies are with the property owner, unable to sell the parcel, all because of a little frog.

Mankind often sees itself as stewards of the plants and animals of our world.  I hope we can take the science of how plants, animals and our own actions interact to shape our world, using it for the benefit of all life on our plant.

There is a milkweed shortage.  It has weed right in its name.  It is not a plant we find desirable for our yard, yet people are trying to hide these plants in among prettier plants. These people have learned that butterflies, specifically the Monarch Butterfly, need milkweed to nourish their offspring.

Monarch Male, August 31, 2003 by Captain-tucker

A business man sat looking out his office window, and noticed ducklings unable to make it out of the water of a man-made water retention pond.  The low area attracted ducks who loved to swim after the rains.  Being the owner of the company, the man was able to re-shape part of the bank to allow ducklings to get in and out of the water easily.

I hope we figure out how to be good stewards living in harmony with the earth, and not place our immediate gratification and profit above the life and wonder of earth’s creatures.

By Any Other Name

Shadow, photo by April E. Sutton with Samsung Tablet

My beautiful girl.

Pretty girl.

(thump bump, crash, bang)  Grace!



My sweet baby.

Mommy ‘s girl.

Miss Thing!

Ungrateful cat!

My shadow.

I am pleased to be the chosen one.




Protect Your Rights Now

What if I were to tell you that your most basic rights were being stolen from you.  The right of self-determination.  The right to use your time and live your life the way you see fit is being systematically stripped from you.

Pretty scary isn’t it?  But the really scary part is that you may not even realize it is happening, until it is too late.  We are systematically being manipulated into giving up control of our lives to others.  They say our lives will be easier, safer, and more productive.  Our needs will be anticipated and all the rough spots smoothed over.

It may be that the very fabric of our society will unravel if we don’t release our control to them.  You ask, “How can this be?  Is this a joke?  Are you kidding?”

No, I am not kidding.  This is no joke.  This is the absolute truth!

The media you use everyday, to make your lives easier, is actually controlling you.   Do you doubt this?  Remember the movie, You’ve Got Mail?  Every time the notification comes up, they runs to the computer to check the message.  We do the exact same thing.  If it has been awhile, we check anyway.

You've Got Mail Poster

All day long our phones ding, whistle, or chirp with notifications to let us know we have a message, important advertisement, a friend on social media has posted an important picture, or we have a new like or comment on our blog.  We rush to our phones to see what is going on.  Our phone is by our side at dinner, and in our hand when we are talking to someone.  In a meeting, and even while driving, we keep that phone in view just in case.

The apps we use each have features to keep us engaged with them:  a like occasionally, an emogie,  an attaboy of absolutely no monitary value, but panders to our need to belong and be accepted.  As we become increasingly connected technologically to our world, the control of our devices gets stronger.

We develop feelings of anxiety when we can’t check our likes, and heaven forbid our numbers dip.  Even though it isn’t a competition, we constantly check for the validation of another follower, our shares, and our likes across social media.

Knowing of this control by our devices is not enough to break their control.  We must make a conscious choice and make an effort to take our time back.  This technology connects us, and we value that.  We can chose to break the habit of constantly checking.  We can take some time that is technology free.  We do not need to respond to every notification.  We can set down our devices, and use our hands for something else.

Our society will not unravel if we don’t know immediately that we have another like.  In fact, we may feel refreshed, and still feel the connection and affirmation after we get a few other things done.


Note:  There were several notifications that flashed upon the screen while I was writing this.  I ignored them all as I crafted this post for you.

A Better Place

20170408_103108Miss Penelope P. Pincer of the Antelope Valley.  Photo by April E. Sutton taken with my Samsung Tablet.

Buster waiting for a romp,

through meadows of lush grass.

Squirrels to catch for a good wrestle.

Your little stuffed tiger carried and protected,

Until the brute sent her ahead of you.

Oma and Opa waiting to pet you,

Allowed on the best chair,

shedding and dirt a thing past.

Every pocket has a tasty treat,

With piles of blankets to dig into a nice bed.

Allowed on the grass, and welcome on laps,

Belly rubs and ear scratches,

The body healed of aches and pains,

Contentment radiates like the sun,

Patiently waiting for the ones you love.

Seeking Serenity

Maryland, photo by April E. Sutton on her Samsung tablet

It was a six-hour drive to Maryland  for my grandson’s musical, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.

The beginning of the trip was through a deluge.  Nearer my destination, the sun came out, and I took note of the early spring life.  The underbrush was dressed in early spring green, but the Red-bud Trees I knew to be along the route were not in bloom.  I hoped the Red-bud trees would be in bloom on my return trip.   At my son’s home, I noticed cherry trees and other flowering trees in bloom.

It was a long trip for a play, but my grandson’s delight made the trip worth while.  I did not see much of my grandson, because the play, the cast party, and striking the set took most of his waking hours.

On the way home, am happy to report, the Red-bud trees were in bloom.   I hope they are hearty enough to retain their blooms through the spring snow we have on the way.

I hope I was tired, but more likely I was in a downward spiral, when I got home.   (Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.) Hubby was on top of everything, so I should have been happy.  He put an ad for our mobile home in the newspaper, and got calls from a couple of interested parties.  He had a nice dinner ready for me when I got home. The neighbor got rid of most of the trash, leaving only the trimmings from his evergreen tree.   Hubby vacuumed and mowed getting us ready for the appointment with the house hunters.

After a second good night’s sleep in my own bed, I was feeling better.  I went to the YMCA for some water aerobics and out to lunch with the girls.  Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in other people’s problems, whether problems of family or friends, or problems of Syrian children in need of a champion that make my liberal heart bleed.

These are times when the Serenity Prayer is needed.

Calligraphy Complete Serenity Prayer

My Own Holiday

Ever want your own holiday?   You couldn’t ask for a better one than April Fool’s Day. April first has always felt like my personal holiday.  In elementary school, everyone of the 40 kids in my class had a special prank just for me.  Throughout junior high and high school the pranks continued, including ever bigger groups of classmates.

I tried to get into the spirit.  The only trick I can remember was an epic fail.  I had heard the idea of replacing the sugar with salt.  To me it seemed harmless.  My Dad took two heaping scoops for his coffee, and took a great big swallow.  It was not funny.  This was my last prank.

Thank goodness April Fool’s Day only comes once a year.  Now April first is a good day to lounge around the house and watch television.   What a great holiday.


Thank Goodness for the NHS

It is nice to hear from someone happy with their healthcare system.

Suzie Speaks

On Tuesday I noticed a small lump and some pain behind my ear. Combined with the fact that I thought I had a urinary tract infection and I needed to get a mole checked, I thought it might be a good idea to go and book an appointment at the doctors yesterday to have a bit of an overhaul and deal with everything all at once.

An hour later I was sitting in A&E at the local hospital, with a strong antibiotic prescription for the UTI, an immediate referral for suspected mastoiditis (acute infection of the mastoid bone at the back of the ear) and I’ve been referred to a dermatologist in the next week as the mole ‘needed urgently looking at.’

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