Back on Our Own

After a wonderful family Christmas,  Hubby and I got a reservation at a local Residence Inn to wait out the restoration of our fire damaged house.  As much as I  love my family, I also love having my own space, as do my granddaughters  who cheered to get the news that their rooms would again be only their own again.

We are thankful our daughter and her family welcomed us while we got our bearings while adjusting to our new circumstances.

Some old stuff had to be cleared out, to the benefit of the local Goodwill, to make room for our invasion.   Thank goodness for our good insurance coverage.  Never did I seriously think I would ever have to take advantage of my insurance, but I faithfully paid my premium every month for 46+ years.

We have also continuously had insurance coverage on our automobiles, all our personal belongings including a rider on valuable items, and our life.  Health insurance was affordable thanks to our employers, but there were times between jobs that we suffered the insecurity of our health being uninsured for as long as 6 months at a time.

Some people believe all this insurance is unnecessary.  Over our life together, Hubby and I have had a to dip into all but the life insurance.  I have a growing belief that the day we do cash in on our life insurance is coming, but we hope to put that day off for as long as possible.

I suppose if we were wealthy we could be self-insured, but we have never been wealthy.  We are now, thankfully, average middle-class people.  Insurance helped when we were a struggling young couple expecting a baby, or needing an unexpected minor surgery requiring a hospital stay.  As we have gotten older, medical expenses seem to be growing exponentially, even as preventive medicine has become a staple of medical care.

I have a bad feeling, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

What’s This


Roofing work ended in fire.  A mishap with a blow torch.  A quick thinking volunteer fire fighter, moonlighting on the roofing crew, sprang into action.  The hose we had put into the garage in preparation for the change in the weather three days earlier, was pulled from storage and hooked up to water.  Hubby ran to the basement to turn on the water to the tap.

At one point, they thought they had the fire out.  It flamed back up.  Meanwhile, I was on the phone with 911, giving them the address and getting police and fire to the house, and relaying messages to get out of the building.

I RAN OUT of the house, no coat, into the cold.  A neighbor loaned me a jacket.  Another brought us a pot of coffee.  The Red Cross came to our aid.  Our darling daughter has opened her home to us, our dog, and our two cats.

I guess time got away from me.   All of this happened on Monday.  Tuesday we met with the clean-up people, who took lots of picture.  Wednesday we met with the insurance adjuster.  Thursday we met with the arson inspector and the prime contractor.

The quick summary is that everything needs to be cleaned, most of the house needs to be gutted, and all this will take five or six months.  Because of this lengthy time period, we will allow the insurance company to move us into temporary housing, and allow our granddaughter back into her bedroom, but this will take a little time.

Until we are resettled, my daughter and I  will enjoy our favorite guilty pleasures (only the non flattening ones), including our two favorite soap operas General Hospital and The Walking Dead.

Note:  All Christmas gifts are fine.  I still have a little shopping.  I’m truly blessed by a wonderful family.  Merry Christmas. 

So Much to be Thankful For

The first Thanksgiving in our new home.

During our traditional Thanksgiving dinner, we asked each member what we are thankful for, without repeating what anyone else at the table said.  First person to speak said they are thankful for family.  I don’t remember what I said, near the end of our family circle.

I am thankful for my family.  Sharing our table and new home with our family was everything we wanted.  There is something special about having your children, and grandchildren under your roof with you.  It was enough.

In a new home there are lots of things still to be done, and the next day, without being asked, they just took care of things.  I remember doing the same for my own parents.

A nice fire took care of a pile of wood and provided hours of entertainment.  The challenge of a broken metal post (for a laundry line) creating a hazard in the middle of the back yard proved an irresistible challenge.  A yard of concrete was holding that post!  No wonder it broke off when we tried to pull it out.

We were going to leave the post and its concrete for professionals with big equipment, but our son decided it needed to go.   It is gone!  The hole is filled with other rubble waiting to be dealt with, and the boys moved dirt to fill it.  They made short work of it.

It wasn’t a Turkey Bowl touch football game, but everyone got a little exercise, and being together was fun.

Celebration  Smores capped the day.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as full of love as my own.  Now, its back to normal life, whatever that is.



A Wonderful Time

I awoke this Wonderful Wednesday to a beautiful Indian Summer day.

A few days of temperatures that dipped into freezing has put an end to the growing season.  If you had seen my pitiful attempt at a vegetable garden you would understand my great relief, but we did grow some of the best tasting tomatoes that I ever tasted on our little patch of the world.  Friends who posted pictures of their produce on social media, and will spend the winter posting pictures of the great meals they create and reference their summer harvest, possibly with before and after pictures.   Thankfully I have no fears of going hungry this winter.  Prices may have increased some, but we are secure in the knowledge that nearby grocers will be stocked with fresh produce from around the country and even the world thanks in part to the inventor of the refrigerated truck by Fred Jones.  Thanks to Jones, fresh and frozen foods are shipped from one area of the county to another quickly and inexpensively.  I will try planting another vegetable garden in the spring, because home grown, fresh vegetables are the best.

I am also thankful for computers and Google, that made it possible to find the information I heard about of the man who revolutionized the transport industry by refrigerating trucks.  Something I heard about some years back, was only a few clicks away, instead of hours of research away in a library with no guarantee I would be able to find it.   Not only could I ask who invented the refrigeration truck, but Google supplied me with a picture, and background information.   The computer isn’t just an efficient writer’s tool.

I seek information on a variety of topics each day.  While watching television we ask Google the name of that character, and as a bonus learn everything she has appeared in.  While at dinner, many a question has been answered by picking up that computer we always carry with us (our cell phone), and asking Google for information on any kind of trivia.

We can learn just about anything, and pursue any topic as far as we like. My grandson is interested in playing Chess, so I have been studying strategy.  I look for a new hairstyle on the computer.  I’ve learned to organize my home, and upscale my decorating.  I am searching Pinterest for Halloween Costume ideas for an upcoming Halloween Party.

There is so much to know, and to little time.  For now, I will go out and enjoy the beautiful fall day.

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