I Know What You’re Craving

Love Monsters
Love Monsters

I know you’re craving someone to love and love you back, hugs and snuggles, tucked in close, and always there.  I know you’re craving someone who will never leave and never let you down, keep your secrets, and never break trust.  I know you’re craving a hand to hold for security and comfort, crossing dangerous terrain, facing a wide world. I know you’re craving someone to keep aspirations and dreams safe, always encouraging, and always believing.  I know you’re craving a filling of the spaces where doubt and fear try to crowd, to plant seeds of creativity, and grow flowers of productivity.

Winds of Politics

storm clouds
Storm Clouds taken by April E. Sutton

Polls tell them  which way the wind blows, after windbags wind up and release their pitch.

Testing the wind, bending right or left, winding up after a second wind.

Voters like a candle in the winds, with breaking winds of change around them.

Tossing caution to ill wind or fair set sail, hoping to take the wind from the others sails.

Gathering wind in their sails, following the way the wind blows.

Voters left twisting, bend with the wind, spit and piss into the wind.

Looking for something in the wind, hopeful for storms end.

The Daily Post:  wind





After a lifetime of love. My parents.

I pull your love around me, quiet safety,

Making a feast of beauty for you, my self.

Pulling humor about me, armor of wit,

Loving you always.


Safety a shell, a cocoon, to grow within.

Wrapping around protection from a dark world,

Myself youthful sacrificed to our children,

Watching love mature.


A plan, a deal unwitting to wait and grow,

Until the day, no longer waiting, I fly.

With thanks and love fufillment flows forth, thankful

It is over, the wait.

She Will Drive

Past beautiful landscapes,

Rolling hills along twisting roads.

Past farms and fields of corn, soy bean,

Fenced pastures for cows and horses.

Past hills of laced leaf trees, 

Over rivers and streams.

Past towns of families, she will drive.

Join a flow of cars through city canyons.

Past places of work and play

She will drive to be with you once again.

We Ruined Christmas


With blonde tossled curls

Smile breaking in her eyes

For us, but no tree?

Her toys stop tears, lifting lid

Empty Box!  No!  Storm breaks.

(That’s my cat, Shadow.  The jury is still deciding on the new tree.)

Be Brave

Trouble rains down.  Seeking safety behind mommy’s skirt.  Hiding from troubles rising a foot an hour.  No protection from fear.  Death.  Hiding behind whispers,  “What can I do.”  Hiding under the clear, sunny sky, “it’s not my problem.”  Cowardice!  Hiding behind meager gifts.  Dollars in a bucket.  Towns and lives destroyed!  The flood of pain washes hope away.  Hiding behind a fall of hair.  Hiding.  Watching.  Thinking.  Seeing fear, pain, injustice.    No shelter.  No safety.  Paralyzed.  Cowardice!  Thinking, “Be Brave.”  Stand up.  Face the truth.  Join one voice to another.  Create a chorus for unity, fairness, justice.  Join one to another.  Provide shelter.  Fight for justice.   Build a better world.  Be Brave.



(Prose Poetry:  written like prose using the tools of poetry.   Your critique is requested.  Written in response to the daily prompt, Cowardice, combining elements from recent new.)


In the Shadows

Listening and watching quietly at your elbow,

to conversations give and take.

Invisible, forgotten, unnoticed unless a sound

absorb, digest, analyze.

 Told ” go play”, unless, attention is avoided.

barely breathing, invisible,

until someone looked around, “little ones have big ears.”

Between child and adult.

Stalking social media to see where sentiments lie,

who believes what and why.

Considering, weighing, thinking.

 Finding a voice, and surprise! some people agreed,

others listen and watch,

until it seems I end up where I began.


only self to share

weeping woman with much debt

knows not where to turn

brings gifts of perfume and tears

humble in love; forgiven

Tanka Form

Beauty weaves through all

the essence of natures art

fire strengthened forms

shaped, carved, polished, revealed

by life giving waters art

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