A Stupid Question

Sometimes I just have trouble letting go of things.  When someone close to me asked how anyone could listen to Bob Dylan  I was so taken back that I was speechless, but five days later I am unable to let it go.

Iconic, American singer-songwriter, poet beloved by millions, and she asks how anyone could listen to Bob Dylan, who has received every music award, including a special Pulitzer citation in 2008 for his impact upon popular music and American culture, and awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012.

I admit I agree Bob Dylan does not have the best voice I have ever heard.  I am sure this is no surprise to anyone, but to hear the writer of the music, sing the music he created is very special indeed.  Dylan writes and sings with passion.  His extensive body of work has touched our lives for five decades.  The quality of what Dylan expresses has made our lives richer.

So don’t listen to Bob Dylan sing.  Listen to someone else do his music.  It is still great music, but in my opinion, you lose a little of the passion.

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