Lunch with a Side of Politics

We stopped for lunch at our local, neighborhood restaurant after church on Sunday.  The Hugger Mugger, in New Castle, PA has generous servings of good food.  Around the restaurant, there are televisions, but this is the second time I’ve notices a change in channel selection, so I asked about it.

When we moved into the neighborhood, Hugger Mugger was the closest restaurant to our home.  It has been our first choice, for times we are busy and don’t want to cook.  Hugger Mugger has several televisions throughout the restaurant which have been set to the major news channels, CNN and FOX NEWS.  I liked to sit where I could look back and forth between the two.  I liked the attempt at balance.  I liked a choice wasn’t being made.

Things at the Hugger have changed.  I am told the owner has instructed the only channels to be used are FOX and The Weather Channel.  If all the televisions had been changed from news channels to something else, I would have an entirely different reaction.  There are other choices:  cartoons, fashion, sports, or other non political programs.

I already know I am one of the few who voted for the opposition in this area I now live.   Now I feel a little less welcome in one of our local establishments, and the community at large.

I remember Republicans complaining about the cast of Hamilton making an appeal for unity.  The Republicans called the comments “rude,” “harassment,” and “inappropriate” for a venue where you pay your own money to be there.  Vice-president Pence left the theater.

The peaceful protest by athletes of taking a knee during the National Anthem has additionally been called “disrespectful to veterans”  (some of whom support the athletes), and “un-american.”  Some people have decided to boycott athletic events due to these political statements.

It was called being PC or politically correct to be careful of your opinions.  Restaurants, businesses, and professionals were expected to be quiet with their opinions while they were taking your money for their services.  If they are forward with their opinions there are other choices.

I just wanted a nice omelet for lunch, without the side of partisan politics.  It is a simple business basic to appeal to the broadest possible patronage.  Politics and business don’t mix if your intention is to appeal to the broadest possible clientele.  Another business may offer your same service.

Hazel’s in New Castle, PA has a nice Omelet.  Hazel’s also leaves the partisan politics outside.

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  1. Hmmm interesting thought process.

    I didn’t vote for the monkey we have in charge here, rich business men with no idea of anything other than a boardroom where people are too scared to disagree with the head is not my idea of a politician, but I certainly don’t care about TV’s and the chosen channel when I go somewhere to eat. I don’t even care if the person serving me has t-shirt on that says “I voted for the rich monkey” just like I don’t care if the t-shirt has “I’m a Nickleback fan” written on it. I’ve never thought of leaving somewhere just because the people around me are more vocal than I am about a particular topic.


    1. How would you feel about a tirade from your doctor, while you are paying $150 per visit, the surgeon fee, while your condition is barely mentioned? I’m limit my news viewing. There is only so long I can tolerate patriotism, decency, morals being criticized. I thought the election would end the nasty, but it is getting worse. I would be afraid to wear a t with my political view displayed. I don’t challenge those wearing the party slogan. Just let me go in peace, without the hatefulness.

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      1. I’m not denying that politics is getting bad, we might not have an orange faced clown in charge but in this country our politics is no better than yours. It’s one sided, it’s run by money (and FOX) and so rarely are the corrupt leaders ever taken to task. But it’s not really that different to football team patriotism.

        I agree with letting all walk in peace but I wont give up of a cafe I like just because they have their TV on a different channel to the one I like. My wife insists on watching James Corden and Ellen, but I don’t spit the dummy and walk out every time they make yet another pathetic Trump joke. I ignore it, just like I ignore the joke that is Trump, or I ignore the joke that runs our country.

        To me walking away means you are letting them get the better of you, even if they don’t know why you walked away.


      2. They have the better of me. Do I expect it to make a difference? No. I can just take advantage of other options. I keep myself informed in a well rounded way. I listen to all sides. I can give the opposition line from A to Z. I can even do it without insult to anybody. I believe I have done it on this blog. What is happening in the news is not civil discourse.

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      3. Don’t let them get the better of you give ’em a bit of biffo and show ’em who’s boss!

        You’re smarter than them anyway, but if I come and visit I want the best omelette not the one made by the best people 🙂


      4. I made one the other day but used a pan that was too small and it came out about 4 inches thick 🙂

        I’ll try your omelette but if we really want to have fun we’ve got to order it somewhere that we can throw bits at all the people who don’t agree with us 🙂


  2. It irritates me that restaurants have televisions on anyway. Maybe people would like to talk at the table? Or singles do work or read? Not everyone likes screen noise 24/7. Fox is especially annoying because their people are so argumentative. I run into this when waiting for my car and at the dentist… it’s assumed that adults can’t exist without tv for an hour even though most of us arrive with our own electronic devices anyway!


    1. Yeah! If we want news, we have it with us. The sound was turned down and closed caption was on, thank goodness. We did talk, but mostly about how hard it is to escape partisanship. Sigh.

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  3. I’m sorry you had to go through this. That’s particularly disheartening when it’s a “free country” and you are supposed to be able to vote according to your conscience. I completely agree that business and politics don’t mix and if you want to remain in business, then you keep your political views to yourself.


  4. I’ll be honest here. I do respect everyone’s opinion whether they agree or disagree with me. About voting in the last election though my choice didn’t get chosen. No it wasn’t Hilary but it wasn’t Trump either. I wish it would’ve been an easier choice. I was on the fence about Trump until the GOP chose him.


    1. The differences were pretty clear. It seems those differences keep getting emphasized. Cable news seems to emphasis those differences. The good news is, we get to try again in a few years.

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