Follower Throwdown

Kids fight.  I fought with my siblings when I was a kid.  My children fought.  My grandchildren fight.

The internet has brought today’s children a thing to fight about that their parents and grandparents never fought about.  Followers.

At least two of the three grandchildren we stayed with have a blog or vlog (video blog).  The effort of combining their talents and working together on a vlog ended in screaming, stomping, and waving arms about.

“You’re just trying to steal my followers,”  he yelled at his sister.

“Who wants your stupid followers.  I have my own followers,”  she screamed back.

A short time later my grandson asked for Mom’s credit card number to upgrade his site with a goal of monetizing his vlog.  His plan is to become so successful vlogging that he can drop out of school and quit studying science and history.  According to the internet, a kid can drop out of school at age 14 and have several million dollars by the time he is 21 years old.

You gotta love a kid with a plan.

Mom refused to give him her credit card number.  Hopes dashed.  But why?  For only a small amount of money he would be set.  He did not believe the small fee would be recurring.   Clueless Mom didn’t understand.

Lucky there was a blogger with over a thousand followers there.  My followers gave me cred!  I am legit!  Yes, Mom is correct, you do have to pay every month.  And monetizing takes more than 45 followers.  The idea of dropping out of school to get rich blogging is strongly vetoed.  I suggested he make some money first, then talk about quitting school.  The poor kid can’t get anyone on his side.

He doesn’t know all the creative opportunities that await a young man with a high school diploma.  W doesn’t know you can get a degree in college in videograghy, or film.   He doesn’t know the thrill of using a professional camera, instead of his phone, to make video, nor the fun you can have with a green screen, not to mention the value of editing.  He doesn’t know the joys of film making, and the challenges of collaboration on a big project.

In addition, he doesn’t realize the value of science and history to such endeavors as broadcasting and film making.

He has a future ahead that he doesn’t know enough about to dream of.  What is clear, is that I’d better step up my game, before this very motivated young man steals my followers.





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  1. Thankfully we aren’t at that stage yet. My nieces who turned 18 yesterday aren’t even into ‘followers’ competitions, in fact one of them actively seeks to keep her following numbers low.

    When it comes to our kids they are going to get the same advice I live by. Followers are nothing but an ego feed. Likes are the same but at least require some effort from the reader. Comments actually mean the reader has cared enough to tell you good or bad that something has touched them.

    Some people prefer likes and follows because they can’t handle negative feedback but lets face it having 100 followers and less than 10 likes and less than 5 comments on any post is not a very good percentage. So those who want to be ‘liked’ will always say they have 100 followers, not that they had 10 likes from 100 followers. Those who realise ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ does not mean people are actually looking at your stuff actually realise that a few comments are worth a lot more than even 100 followers.

    Sorry if I deflated your balloon a bit cool grandma but perspective is a good thing 🙂


    1. Didn’t deflate my balloon. I would rather have a few people I can actually communicate with. People who get what I say.

      My grandchildren being impressed is good, but as soon as they know more about the world that will end. Love is enough from them.

      I have never looked at my likes as a percentage of followers. That would not be an ego massage.

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      1. It’s definitely different for kids, our 9yr old had her work displayed by her teacher at a big teachers conference in America somewhere last year (a good parent would remember where but I don’t) and for months she was saying she was ‘world famous’ because people saw her work. She didn’t care about numbers all she considered famous was that her teacher chose her work to show the big conference.

        I told her I’ve got 20+ years of publishing stuff on the internet that people all over the world have read so I must be mega famous, she didn’t agree. I told her I got 5 likes on one story and she thought that was excellent.


      2. Oh I’m thankful for anyone who reads my waffle but our definitions of ‘world famous’ differ just a bit.

        Still it’s interesting she think her and her teacher are world famous and KISS are world famous but she doesn’t think people like One Direction, Justine Beiber and Taylor Swift are world famous because she doesn’t like them. One day when she has her own blog she can appreciate the real world fame of 5 people reading her stuff as well 🙂

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    1. Siblings will fight about everything. Just think of all the other skills they are developing. Followers are nice, but little numbers don’t seem to stop anyone. Adults don’t fight, I hope. I Love my followers, especially the ones that engage in two way communication.

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  2. I think modern technology has created a haven for peculiar behaviour (only in that it wasn’t available when we were teens) and some areas that parent’s must contend with that must be overwhelming. Personally I could care less about followers on Social Media (FB and the rest) and the followers here, are special because I interact with them and enjoy that so much. I’m glad your back, April. I’ve missed you.

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      1. Blogging is a nice way to get to know others. In fact, I always refer people I meet to my blog to get to know me. I love all my blogger friends around the world, and the glimpses into their lives. You though, are one of my favorite people.


      2. Oh, how lovely is that! I have to say in all sincerity and honesty, I’ve missed you. I was concerned when you were just gone. I’m sorry you had such a rough time. I’ve had one that wasn’t particularly nice and at first, it bummed me out. I wondered what I could have said that was so unsettling. I finally realized it was her problem, and she’d have to deal with it. If she doesn’t like my blog or what I write, she certainly doesn’t have to visit was what I finally decided. But I’m so glad your back. Now I need to catch up. Internet went down, I lost my blog and blog account twice, and I’ve been piecing it back together. It’s taken a couple of months this time, several the last. It wasn’t pretty and I was discouraged as I went from100 visitors to 1 a day. But I think we’ve fixed what we can for the time being, until another wp update god forbid! lol

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      3. To be honest, the people that tend to blog here, are of a more well rounded group of people, young old and in between, all are seeking answers, truth, searching for other like-minded people. It’s stories above Fb or other social media, and so well worth visiting and being involved with.

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