Back on Our Own

After a wonderful family Christmas,  Hubby and I got a reservation at a local Residence Inn to wait out the restoration of our fire damaged house.  As much as I  love my family, I also love having my own space, as do my granddaughters  who cheered to get the news that their rooms would again be only their own again.

We are thankful our daughter and her family welcomed us while we got our bearings while adjusting to our new circumstances.

Some old stuff had to be cleared out, to the benefit of the local Goodwill, to make room for our invasion.   Thank goodness for our good insurance coverage.  Never did I seriously think I would ever have to take advantage of my insurance, but I faithfully paid my premium every month for 46+ years.

We have also continuously had insurance coverage on our automobiles, all our personal belongings including a rider on valuable items, and our life.  Health insurance was affordable thanks to our employers, but there were times between jobs that we suffered the insecurity of our health being uninsured for as long as 6 months at a time.

Some people believe all this insurance is unnecessary.  Over our life together, Hubby and I have had a to dip into all but the life insurance.  I have a growing belief that the day we do cash in on our life insurance is coming, but we hope to put that day off for as long as possible.

I suppose if we were wealthy we could be self-insured, but we have never been wealthy.  We are now, thankfully, average middle-class people.  Insurance helped when we were a struggling young couple expecting a baby, or needing an unexpected minor surgery requiring a hospital stay.  As we have gotten older, medical expenses seem to be growing exponentially, even as preventive medicine has become a staple of medical care.

I have a bad feeling, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this tragedy. You just moved not long ago. Couldn’t happen at a worst time – winter – not that there would ever be a better time. I sincerely hope with all my heart, that the following year will treat you with great kindness, love, affection, and warmth. All the best April although you struggle now.


      1. That’s great.
        I just didn’t go. If I got sick, I was sick ‘til my body healed itself. Fortunately, nothing major came along. I held sliced open finger together with butterfly bandages until it got well. Still have a scar. It’s the only time I’ve seen one of my bones.

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  2. I don’t know how your insurances work but in this country it’s a nightmare of an industry. Costs go up as insurance companies look at more and more ways to not pay out. Health insurance is the worst, they go up year in year out but they pay for less and less and for some people it’s easier to not use their private health. When there is natural disasters the companies all band together and look for someone else to blame so their costs are less.

    It really is a prick of a system and I know I’ve paid more for car insurance over the years than I have for cars, I know the one time I tried to claim on my house insurance I gave up because they wanted three weeks to fix the job it took me $100 and three hours to repair, but I also know that I wouldn’t do with out it.

    I know a few people who self insure and they have been lucky but it’s a hard risk to take especially in the first few years when you realise than a 5 minute ride in an ambulance can cost you in excess of $10K and ambulance cover costs $22 a year.

    I hope your dealings run smoothly and you’re back in your own house soon.


    1. Insurance here is a nightmare. One reason half the country is thinking about socialized healthcare. The other half still thinks the free market will fix everything. Minor auto mishaps are often better handled yourself, the same with your home. I thought ambulance trips were expensive here, until I learned this one. Medication costs are crazy. If only the insurance industry could be fixed somehow, be reformed, or dare I suggest regulated?

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      1. We have a public health system here and many people are pulling out of private health because of increasing costs and less claimable but both systems have problems. I don’t want my family to rely on the public system so I pay a fair bit every week to have private cover and give them the choice of either. Insurance companies really do come off as corrupt these days and that’s one of the biggest issues with them, but they really don’t seem to care how the gen pop see them they still keep doing things people don’t like.


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