I can understand how it is a little disconcerting to have a valued part of your day, like reading my blog, suddenly just disappear.  Confusion sets in.  Worry begins.  Was it that snarky comment?  Should flowers be sent to a hospital?  A funeral home?  What the heck is going on?

To my friend at Lost Property Repository and others who have been distressed by my absence, I offer my apologies.  I am one of those sensitive souls who need a lot time in reflection to sort and understand my thoughts before I speak  write.  These are interesting times for those of us in the USA.

For me personally, life has been dominated by change.  The decision to move to our current location or to Belize, a place we have never been, but sounds way cool and far away from our current political climate.

But the decision was made.  We are settling, and exploring.  This place is as new for us as Belize would have been.  We search new stores for the items we need.  We travel new streets, and towns.  We are lost, but very happy to be here.  Still, moving is a major stress of life, and cold sores and sleeplessness have been challenges.

Awake in the middle of the night may seem the perfect time to write, but actually reading is a challenge, and the Trump twitter feed always offers a jolt of more things needing a thoughtful response.  Truth is, I am tired of thinking.  I want to explore, have fun, and not think.

I have this little bird on my shoulder, call her my sister, who tells me to keep my thoughts to myself and quotes to me our mother saying, “This too shall pass.”  On the other shoulder is an angel, call him my dad saying,  “April, you have to do something, it is up to you.  Do something!”

For the first time since I came of age to vote in 1973, I have people who shun me, because of our differing political opinions.  If you only want to hear your own opinion, don’t talk to me!  I take your offer of your opinion as an invitation to share mine.  Others seem to find this distressing.

In church a few weeks ago, a really nasty comment was made about Democrats.  The sound of me sucking my breath ricocheted around the room.  I had every intention of just holding my breath, until the person next to me said, “April has something to say.”

She sat back, and I went in HOT!!!  This was no thoughtful, reasoned, tempered statement.  This was pure, visceral, uncensored anger.  My head exploded, and I left none standing.

I am sick of hearing others demonize Democrats, aka liberals.  We only want to make life better for others.  That’s it!  The men, and several women, in my family have served in every branch of service, and in every war this country has fought, including the American revolution.  My opinion is as valuable as any.

Someone brought up taking a knee during the anthem, because that statement wasn’t enough.  I complimented President Trump’s skillful changing the subject from a peaceful protest for social justice to respect for the flag.  There was some more back and forth, that ended with me saying, “If you want people to stand for the flag, you have to do something about social justice.” My remarks were punctuated with a resounding pound of the table, just like my Dad.

I was the new kid.  They all know each other.  One of them should have spoken up and ended the political conversation.  I went back a couple weeks later, and it seemed to me that a few people were actively avoiding us.  Now, I’m not sure I ever want to go back.

Also, we did pass around our name card to everyone we met.  They all have our phone number, e-mail address, and home address.  Not one person has reached out to us.

This experience got me thinking about the differences between liberals and conservatives.  I will write about that tomorrow.

As a follower, anything I write will easily be available to you, no matter how sporadically I write.

11 thoughts on “Democrats!

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  1. I wouldn’t worry about it. I have an opinion about taking a knee too which would be opposite yours but it’s all good. we’re all entitled to our own opinions without getting snarky with one another. 🙂

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    1. I don’t mind polite disagreement. I’ve seen a lot worse during the anthem: People talking, rough housing, talking on the phone, running to the snack bar or to find a seat. Now that is disrespectful.


  2. You call that an apology for being absent? 🙂

    If it makes you feel better, and dammit it should because I said so, I wont shun you no matter how much you talk about Liberals and Democrats,because I don’t know who is who. I don’t even know which is left and which is right in my own country let alone yours. I know our pollies names and which party they are in but this red, blue, left, right, stuff confuses me. They are all politicians, the only people they live to serve are themselves. To me your leader is orange and our leaders are covered in a brown sticky mess.

    So talk about Trump all you like, good, bad, or how wonderful his wig maker is, it doesn’t make any difference to me. And if you hand me a card with your name and address on it I’ll invite myself around for dinner any night of the week and the only problem we will have is if you can’t cook!


    1. That apology is right next to the thanks for including your link. If I have any readers left, they might visit you. And yes, I can cook. But you might want to wait until I’m done with my diet. Why cook if I can’t eat!

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      1. If I get two viewers from your link my viewer number will triple and I thank you for that 🙂

        And if you’re not cooking that’s fine, we’ll sit in rocking chairs on the front porch, sipping sweet tea and laughing at all the people walking past, for no other reason than we can.

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  3. Glad your back! Missed you, April. Your perspective, IS your perspective. You are allowed, it’s a free country, isn’t it? If someone doesn’t agree, they can “agree to disagree” politely! There are many opinions on the web I don’t subscribe to. I read, then move on. I enjoy reading what you write, please keep going, now I know you’re back, I’ll continue following you. My bonus for the day 🙂

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