A New Home


By Andreas Trepte (Own work) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

At last.  We found a house, our offer was accepted, and we are well on our way to home ownership once again.

House hunting is a process of balancing needs and wants.  You need a roof over your head, and a place for your stuff.  If you want a spacious home, a large artfully landscaped yard, and cute, you will pay extra.  In our case, the primary want is to stay out of debt!  So, we found a house that is a little bit of a fixer upper.  I think our choice left our realtor confused after all of the more perfect homes we saw.

On the main floor are cozy bedrooms, a kitchen and living room.   Small, but we moved from a doll house.  I think of this house as a nest.  I think we will be comfortable.  Before the house really fits us, we will have to claim part of the basement as living space.  Well, not exactly living space, but play and sleepover space for the grandchildren.  The house has a great garage, space for our camper, and a small, easy to take care of yard.  Perfect for a couple of little old people, and remarkably like our first home starting out our life together.

We want a nice deck off the back.  A little landscaping will increase the curb appeal.  The house should give Hubby many projects to keep him happily occupied in his retirement.  He has his choice of work spaces, but a great big saw was left in the basement.  Hubby can’t wait to see how it works.

I thought we could relax now that a choice has been made.  Take the time to enjoy our time in the wilderness.  In fact, I would be perfectly happy to go exploring through the woods, or on the lake in my canoe.

We have taken the canoe out and gone on a hike, but Hubby is more concerned about how quickly we can get our stuff, where to put it, and fixing all the things noted by the inspector, in addition to the purely luxury projects he would like to do.

Frankly, most of our hikes have been back and forth to the bathrooms in the rain.  (I just hope the weather clears up for my three grandchildren coming to camp with us for the week.)  We spend our rainy days shopping for appliances, a lawn mower, and obsessing over how to handle moving into our little nest, and turning our nest into a home we love.

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      1. I was going to make some joke about about you moving to the twentieth century with electricity and internet. But then I remembered the country I live in and decided you could still laugh a us without those things!


      2. Speed wise in this country we rank 57th in the world, reliability wise it’s even lower. The new system (which is already outdated) only reaches about 25% of the population and they get constant drops out issues. We spent too long with a government that didn’t believe in technology to the point that they were quoted saying as late as about 2005 that the internet was a fad. Most houses can get something but it’s not good or highspeed. Same goes for mobile internet and television reception, there is black spots for both everywhere even in the major cities.


      3. Don’t worry we have a lot of people in this country like that. It’s amazing how many city folk still don’t believe that some people have to rely on water tanks and not have a weekly rubbish collection.

        Then again I heard something on one of those American talk shows last week that said 31% of American adults still don’t know that milk comes from cows. If that’s true there is 31% of the population who will never be as lucky as you 🙂


      4. I personally know 3 people with it and not one of them can get 24 hours without dropping out. As for streaming movies, most people have given up because they can’t watch a movie without it stopping.


      5. Movies are a entire issue on their own. It is something I just don’t do. We have always had good service, but I do know there are areas with those kind of problems, like central Florida, which is the middle of nowhere. Last I was there Couldn’t get anything. No phone, nothing.


      6. We are a big country with a lot of people in small areas so it’s easy to say a phone company has 97% population coverage by just focusing on the major cities but 20 minutes out and everything can go to crap. Like any country there will be some areas here that just wont get high speed internet or mobile phone because of distance, trees, etc but to have the same issues in populated areas is a joke. Satellite phones and internet solve some of the issues but they are expensive and can’t solve everything.

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  1. Happy for you. It sounds wonderful. I’m. Entranced by the new Tiny Homes trend and think I’d love one. Your new nest seems to fit the bill of a cozy tiny home, but with the basement and all, you’d still have more space. Have fun with your new decorating and fitting it for you and your family.


    1. Don’t think it is classified as a tiny home, but it is a tiny as I want to go. I almost backed out of the deal when I feared certain items would not fit. We had to go measure and make sure. I just don’t want to rush the process!


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