Our Worldly Worries

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You recognize it.  This is the news logo of an organization some politicians rail against.  In fact as I write, Hubby is watching (therefore so am I) and news is breaking about the previous president warning the current president about the fired member of the current cabinet.

Lisa A. got me on this topic with her blog posting “What The Fu*k is Going on in This World.”  There is so much disturbing news, I’m surprised that we aren’t all curled up in little balls with the covers over our heads.

Airlines, not so friendly.  Over crowded flights, no more meals, no smoking (thank-goodness) , no cell phones, and no room leads to customers lashing out at each other or attendants.  Commercial airlines don’t seem to care about safety as they ask a father to hold his young son in his arms rather than in a car seat strapped safely into the airplane seat as the airline recommends, and which the father dutifully paid the full price for.  People are threatened with arrest, and dragged off of airplanes with bodily injuries, and lame apologies.  This is the news we see.

You want customer service?  You think the airlines would have a vested interest in keeping the customer happy?  It is obvious the commercial airlines don’t have to care. There is no government regulation for them to worry about.  People need to travel for business, to visit family, to satisfy their desire to see the world.

Airlines have cut the number of flights, decreased personnel, cut everything they can, and added more and more seats packing people in like sardines.  The commercial airlines have you right where they want you.  Each commercial airline is like the other.  There is no advantage to the customer of one airline over another.

Healthcare is what I wrote my representative about.  I got a very nice letter from Senator Portman (R).  I expressed my concern about family with preexisting conditions, and another on Medicaid.  I can’t tell how Portman will handle the Senate review of healthcare.  I am glad for his response.  Countries with national healthcare include:  Canada, England, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy….

For reasons I fail to understand, it is believed that the compassionate pharmaceutical industry will do the correct thing. Hospitals will always put the patient first as mandated by law, and will absorb the cost, which we will all pay for.  Doctors will take care of you if you are in need, by sending you to the emergency room where they have to treat everyone.

So why am I shocked that Hubby’s diabetes medications have dramatically jumped in cost.  My mother refused the most effective asthma medications, because of the cost.  She flat refused to let the pharmaceutical industry get an outrageous profit from her treatment.  Those with life threatening allergies have recently had to contend with the EpiPen 400 percent price increase.

So what do you think?  Do we need any government regulation of healthcare?

Passing costs on to the states is not a plan I support.  Passing healthcare to the states will increase state budgets, and unless we get a federal tax cut large enough, who will want to pay more in state taxes.  (This also applies to education and other cuts proposed by the federal government.)  I may be wrong, but don’t American’s want a simpler tax system with fewer loopholes?  Don’t we also want to pay less tax overall?  Does moving the services from the federal government to the state government satisfy any of the goals?


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  1. Seems no matter where one goes people don’t change much. It’s budget time here in Oz and all people are interested in is what’s in it for them, do they get a tax cut, does something change to give them more money in the pocket each week. While in the big house they are saying the same thing, how do we get more money each week. Yet to most in public paying a government more is a waste of money because they claim not to see their tax dollars coming back to them. It’s human nature to want more and in most cases we don’t even care that to get our more someone else gets less because in our mind whatever it is we want is more important.
    At the end of the day governments know they can only tax so many things before there is is uproar so they tax a different thing each time rather than offend all people at the one time but in the end we all cop it because they want more money. Shuffling between states (whether here or there) is simply bureaucratic way of not offended everyone, sure people might get narky it’s happening but there is little they can do with it and if it comes with the promise (that will get broken) of cheaper something tomorrow then enough of the population will be happy to just ride another wave home.

    When it comes to politics there is only one certainty, there will be taxes. People rarely agree with the taxes when their team isn’t in the big house then when their team is in the big house they still disagree but are less outspoken because their team is still better than the other team. Politics breeds fools but it also brings out the worst in people.

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  2. We do want certain services,. Heck some of us voted for them. Then things change, and everything is rearranged. Now that budgets are being cut, things are going to be better fore everyone. I just don’t understand how. I am pretty accustomed to being on the minority side.


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