Contacting My Representatives

I’ve spent my day drafting a letter to my congressman and senators regarding my questions and concerns of proposed legislation.   It took me most of the afternoon.  The first draft was more of a rant.  Realizing these are busy people, I edited my final draft to more than half the original length.  I have family members who may be impacted by the proposed legislation, and I want my representatives to be aware of my concerns and questions.  Hopefully, I will get some answers.

It is easy to find your representatives on-line, with both snail mail and email contact information.  Visiting my representatives’ home pages, I found copies of press releases, statements on position, and some really nice services.  Our representatives have newsletters so we can keep up to date on what is taking place in Washington DC.  There are phone numbers for offices in state and in DC.  There is DC tour information available, and dates when constituents can come in for coffee.

I was nervous.  I know that is a little silly, but I have never written any of the people who represent me.  This is an entirely new experience.  I don’t know what to expect next.  Do my letters and comments fall into some gigantic slush pile?  Will I get a form letter in response?  Will I get a call from someone on staff?  Will my insight prove so essential that my representative will call me himself?  The big question is, will my letters make a difference?

I expressed my concerns.  I asked my questions.  I will be getting the newsletters and will have a better understanding of just what my representatives are doing, and why.  I will even plan a trip to DC so I can go to one of those constituent coffees.   Cherry Blossom season is nearly upon us.

I highly recommend all American’s visit their representatives home pages.  Not sure who your representatives are?  No problem?  Using your zip code your search will be over within seconds.  Then you can read the press releases, look at the legislative calendar, become aware of opportunities to meet your representatives, and more.

Have fun!



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  1. I’d like it if the representatives reached out to their constituents. They are representing us. Their job is to vote and craft policy that is representative of our needs. Why should we have to look them up? If I’m ever a representative I would contact 10 random people from my district before I voted on anything.


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