Tell Me NO Secrets

My very good friend (and the very good friend of every other person she knew) wanted to tell me a secret.

No thank-you!  I do not want to be the secret keeper of others.

“Really, I have to tell you this, but you have to promise never to tell anyone.  You can’t even tell your husband!”

Again I tell her No!  I don’t ever keep secrets from my husband, and I don’t want to hear anything that I have to keep secret from others.  I am terrible at keeping secrets.  I can’t possibly promise not to tell anyone, because what if I do?  Just don’t tell me.  My Mom taught me not to make promises I can’t keep, and I didn’t make this one.

So what did my friend do?  She told me!  She told me she was lusting after a 19 year old man, at least 12 years her junior.  This was a secret?  Everyone admired that handsome face and athletic body, and he had a brain also.  The complete package.  That was enough, but she proceeded to tell me of her affairs!  I couldn’t make her stop.  I knew her husband for crying out loud.

So here I am with this knowledge, that I didn’t want, and really didn’t take seriously enough.  I thought it was just idle talk.  I could not seriously believe she would further risk her marriage for a teenager!  To be honest I thought she was kidding.  Even I recognized him as handsome, but he was still growing!

So a bunch of us girls, us two old ladies and the 3 girls 18/19 year old were getting ready for our day, and someone made the comment that my very good friend had it bad for the young man.  Lots of laughter in agreement, and me in agreement,  in a way that I thought would minimize the entire idea.

Well that didn’t work out.  If there was any doubt remaining, her reaction certainly removed it.  I realized for the first time just how serious she was.  At first I felt bad, but really, the kid needed to know there was a cougar on the prowl.  I wish I’d told her husband.

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