No Take Backs


Caution:  This is not a happy post.  The content contains violence.  The content may be viewed as political by some readers.  

I hear it on the news far too  often.  Someone is in an argument, and shots are fired. Someone is injured, or dead.  No take backs.

The most heartbreaking cases are the couples, who after four or five decades of marriage, get in a fight, and dementia causes the husband to pick up his hunting/protection gun, and shoot his wife.  She is dead.  (I suppose the wife could be the one with dementia, but she doesn’t usually get the gun.)

Also in the news are men who argue over a woman, until one man gets a gun and shoots the other man.   Men in bars argue, and because guns are not allowed in the bar, a shooting takes place in the parking lot.

Other shootings in the news are accidental shooting of one child by a playmate or sibling.  There are also self-inflicted gun shots, often a result of suicide.  Some people support the right of a person to commit suicide, but this is an impulse that is often fleeting.

Guns are at the center of many US citizen arguments over politics.

One side says,  “Criminals and people on the no fly list,” should not be allowed to have guns.  To help insure this they would institute background checks when purchasing guns, and establish requirements for those selling guns to verify the qualifications of those they sell guns to.  This view is attributed to the Democrats and is called the anti-gun stance.  They are believed to desire removal of guns from the citizenry, but many do have guns themselves, but are not affiliated with the National Rifle Association.

The other side says,  “You will take my gun out of my cold, dead hand.”  This group is against any registration, background checks, or other attempts to limit guns, because “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  The other reason they are against any laws to restrict gun ownership in any way, is because criminals will have guns regardless of the laws.  The only people you would end up limiting is good, honest citizens.  This is called the pro-gun stance, and is attributed to the Republicans as well as the National Rifle Association.

All the gun safety education in the world is not going to prevent all shootings.  However, in my opinion, there are some people who just should not have guns.

Feel free to agree or disagree in the comment section.

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  1. That may be a cultural thing but I never understood why everyone should have a gun. Just causes troubles.
    We have very strict gun laws over her and nearly no troubles with shootings.

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  2. Many say that our gun laws in Aust are the sort of laws other countries should adopt but we are far from perfect. What annoys me most is when we hear Obama tell people that the US should adopt our gun laws (or words to that effect) because they aren’t working as well as the experts want people to believe. Gun crimes in this country are rising and accidental injuries have never stopped rising even with the laws. Living in the country I could get my hands on a firearm in less than five minutes, in an hour I could get myself an arsenal and they are all legally registered firearms.

    I don’t fear guns (I also don’t live anywhere that I need to) but I do fear illegally obtained guns. In my area it’s rarely the person who legally registers his weapons and gets the appropriate licenses that cause the problems it’s the mongrels that steal the guns to participate in other crimes that are the worry.

    That said I agree totally, some people should not own guns.


    1. I guess if I thought I needed a gun, I would find a way to get one. I don’t mind Hubby hunting. I like to shoot at targets. I feel safe without a gun. Sometimes I think about getting one, because so many other people have them. I guess that reason isn’t compelling so far. Too many tragic accidents, and too many hot heads.

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  3. Defo agree!!! There are some people who should NEVER be allowed guns. Most especially people who are unable to think rationally when enraged…I will never have given ‘my younger self’ a gun because I had a really short fuse and saw ‘red mist’ a lot. There should be some sort of assessment process before anyone is licensed to own a firearm. People who tend to fly off the handle always fail to consider the consequences of their actions.

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