A Higher Standard

So much to disagree about:   Go to the movies today, or next week?  See the Magnificent Seven or Hell or High Water?  Chinese for dinner or just scrounge through the cupboards?  Go camping next weekend, or go sell stuff at the flea market?  Stay or move?  Move to this place or that place?  (The move is on hold, but we still think about it.)  These are the small concerns of my everyday life.

We are lucky.  We think we have all the big things worked out.  I guess that is the benefit of being married for 45 years.


Like the man says, it’s all about what I  want.  I am sure you all believe that every bit as much as I do.

The day of the presidential debate,  and since, there has been a lot of talk about women and their appearance.   A news article showed a girls magazine and a boys magazine.   The girls magazine highlighted articles about fashion and beauty.  The boys magazine articles focused on achievements and activities.   On a cooking challenge show, a man asked,  “How can such a cute little girl cook like that?”  Does female attractiveness make cooking difficult in some way?

Then there was the debate, and the accusations of Donald Trump calling a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, names when she gained weight, such as Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping.  As I watched the days analysis  of the debate, I heard the focus change from the names Machado was called, to a discussion of her weight and contract obligations.   Machado was to blame for the name calling, because she gained weight.

The name Miss Housekeeping had nothing to do with Machado’s weight, but with her being Hispanic.  Accusations have arisen against Machado.  Even if the accusations prove true, does that mean it is okay for Trump, or any man, to call a woman such names?    (Women have been known to call names also.  Fat shaming isn’t reserved to men.  Either way, name calling is bullying.)

Pictures of Machado, from the time the name calling occurred, show a very attractive woman, most people, men and women, would even say beautiful.  If Machado were in violation of a contract in some way, then there are avenues to correct such a situation that do not include name calling.

We want to raise our girls to be smart, capable adults.  A good way to do that is to recognize girls for being smart, being active, being creative, and recognizing their achievements.  If they happen to be pretty, that is nice also, but don’t we want our children to know that true beauty  comes from within.

We need to hold those who would be our leaders to a higher standard.


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  1. I agree. In this country we’ve had a female PM, whether she did good or bad didn’t matter more important was what she wore and her ‘female-ness’. Now we have the ‘national sport’ (aerial ping pong) who pretty much think they are a law unto themselves begging people to praise them and trying to stay relevant by introducing a women’s game into prime time viewing. The game was only played in prime time because the men needed a rest before the finals and now the CEO’s and managers of the sport claim they are in tune with women Pity they weren’t in tune with that 5 years ago when my niece wanted to play the sport and they refused to support female teams at the grass roots. And then those same managers (with do include several females) claim it’s not their fault our only national game is loosing interest in favour of sports like soccer. /end rant 🙂

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      1. I don’t agree with unequal payments however I can see that sponsorship plays a huge part in how much they are paid. However if managers, CEO’s etc all pulled their fingers out and supported grass roots female teams then the sponsors would also because sponsors are just followers throwing money at what they are told will be popular.

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      2. When they played the female football game in prime time here a few weeks back the commentators and talk back radio hosts seemed surprised how popular and exciting the game was. It’s no wonder the system is as bad as it is when people are surprised but such things.

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      3. My niece is the same (minus the scholarship), she beats all the boys at everything from academic stuff to sport to music. Although her soccer team keeps folding because of a lack of players hopefully the support of all female sport keeps moving forward.

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  2. Excellent points. Thank you for your brave words and challenging people not to cave in to bullying just because the media or supposed leadership sets a poor example. Great job!

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