Breaking the Chain Rant

Green Ridge State Forest, Maryland Monday, August 29, 2016 taken by April E. Sutton with her tablet.

I finally got the Facebook messenger app.  I haven’t even sent my first message to anyone.  I have gotten a couple of chain messages promising the best day of my life, with two big problems solved, and karma will be righted, if only I forward the message to 14 friends in the next 10 minutes.  The chain message also says I must not think of the sender as a friend, if they don’t receive the message back.

I do not normally forward chain messages.  I do not want to tie up the internet with stuff like this.  Sometimes I will respond to the person sending the message and just say I don’t forward these things, so please skip me in the future.  But when I saw the following message and response, I had to blog about it.

  • Sunday
  • 8/28, 5:40pm



    I guess chain-mail will never go out of style (unfortunately) I am so sick of these types of posts that feed off of people’s fears, or hopes. I will NOT advance your stupid, threatening, fear mongering posts! Get a life, people! Send this to 5 thousand people in the next 10 minutes, and NOTHING will happen!

  • Sun BD left the conversation.

  • 8/28, 6:19pm



    Sounds you feel the same as me.

  • 8/28, 8:11pm



    Oh for gosh sakes it’s all in F’n Fun🙄 You’re not some enlightened,smarter than all human… Your simply being pessimistic & trying to act as if people who have fun playing along are ignorant & below you🙄🙄🙄 Let me clue you into truth 💯💯💯 Your pessimistic attitude proves you are FAR from the smart know it all you believe yourself to be…. Get off your boring high horse & stop having delusional,self righteous,pointless ugly attitudes!! I PROMISE the ONLY PEOPLE Who may give a damn about your ugliness has to be your mother,father & Maybe a sibling… No one else !PROMISE !! YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL,NOT SMARTER & definitely have an ugly pessimistic attitude… Get over yourself 💯💯💯 And keep your negative comments about people you don’t know to yourself💯💯💯


I removed the identifying pictures and reduced names to initials to protect the identity of my friends and relatives.  (Can anyone explain the unusual punctuation?)  When I read this exchange I thought, “Really?  Are you kidding me?”

While not as enthusiastic about it, I do agree with BKD.  I’m not superstitious.  These chain messages are a waste of a little time, since we no longer have to write them out long hand and snail mail them to their destination  My loving relatives and friends will send these messages with the most awful promises of doom and gloom if I don’t follow through.  I have been known to write back, “Thanks for starting my day with a curse!  I don’t forward these.”

While not an expert in such things, I’d say CM went off the rails!  WOW!  The enlightened don’t argue with people about stuff like chain letters or other matters of personal opinion, because they have learned it really doesn’t get them anywhere.  Because they have learned this lesson, they are in fact smarter than most people.  If you feel like you are looked down upon because of this, you may be feeling a touch defensive.  The response says more about your feelings of your own self-worth than the words or actions of anyone else.

If there weren’t a boring high horse, and delusional, self-righteous, and pointlessly ugly attitudes, I wouldn’t have been motivated to write a blog in response, after a 6 hour car trip.

Whether or not I am also pessimistic and ugly I will leave to the reader.  As to who might think I’m special, my family and a few close friends are all that count.  I don’t have to have the approval of every friend of a friend on Facebook.  I can assure you that BKD is loved by his family, and they accept him for all his mistakes and flaws.  I advise you, CM, and anyone else, to tread lightly, because if his family bands together in his defense, the mass will trample your fragile ego into oblivion.

In closing, I can only say:  “YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL,NOT SMARTER & definitely have an ugly pessimistic attitude… Get over yourself.   And keep your negative comments about people you don’t know to yourself.”

And thank you for removing me from the group.

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  1. It’s funny how these things withstand the test of time. I’m sure the first chain letter was carved in a slab of stone and thrown at each caveman to read.

    With three businesses running, each with their own web presence, I long ago stopped trying to make sense of punctuation and writing styles in these sorts of messages. Once upon a time it was the poor writing that tweaked the brain to say ‘scam’ but these days such garbage is not restricted to just scams. Script kiddies are my favourite to play with but I do have a weird sense of humour, weirdly enough that sense of humour also often sees me reading and laughing at the wonderful ways these messages are written instead of just deleting them unread.


  2. Chain letters (which started as just that, letters) as far as I know, are illegal, and they are a form of harassment. The fact that they are now an accepted form in social media boggles the mind. This being said, they are also not worth the time BKD took to respond to them and should probably know what he/she was getting into by trying to argue with an idiot. Wasn’t that a Mark Twain quote?


    1. Laws applied to the net are behind. I agree keeping quiet would have been better. BKD is young. He will learn. When I respond, it is private, except for this post. For awhile there where FBI posts demanding shares in the same way.


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