The Language of War

When President Obama used the term “violent terrorists” to describe the self-proclaimed Islamic State, rather than the term “Islamic terrorists.” I thought for a moment that maybe the President of these United States might have read my blog posting on the very subject of fighting ISIL.  Also pleased were  Americans  Muslims who use their freedom of religion to practice their faith.

A firestorm of  political attacks broke out due to his use of the term.  Some may not consider this a very important political issue, potato or patato, but the words we use are critically important. Words have power to convey legitimacy.  The Islamic State chose that name in trying to claim legitimacy.

Some people believe the lie that the ISIL represents Islam.  That is like saying any of the many Christian cults represent Christianity.  The Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL, is a well armed cult that is just like other cults in that it indoctrinates and uses children to further its ends.  ISIL leaders make the rules, and you follow or die.  Muslims have a greater stake in stopping this cult, because they are the ones most often in the line of fire, and have to suffer because of this perversion of their faith.

We are also in danger from these violent terrorist who use the internet and terror cells to further their goals within our boarders, and the boarders of all free society.  We must use all weapons available to stop ISIL.  These weapons are not only drones, fighters, and boots on the ground.  These weapons include the internet, movies,  our political rhetoric and the very language we use everyday to take away the propaganda that they are trying to sell to anyone who might be unhappy where they are.

Prosperity for all, respect for our freedom of personal expressions of religious faith, and acceptance of all who seek the American dream is our best defense against terror.  Stand united against terror.

8 thoughts on “The Language of War

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  1. It angers me that Obama is attacked for almost every word that comes out of his mouth. His opponents have hounded him since the day he was elected. I’m sick of it.
    I know that is totally off topic.


  2. Looking back in my journals I have noticed that no matter who is in office the story is the same. It just isn’t as clear cut as one is right and the other is wrong. My topic seems foolish to many, and my ideas just plain wrong headed, but here they are anyway.


  3. Dear April, don’t you think that term “violent terrorists” is simply stupid? Do you know non-violent terrorists? I believe that it is mandatory to call things properly and to act accordingly. For example, if our allies like UAR, Egypt and Israel call Hamas a terrorist organization (and we also in US believed it before Obama) why do we now support Hamas in many cases instead of supporting our allies?


    1. Violent terrorists is redundant. People often use redundant phrases for emphasis. I’m don’t care about the language propriety as much as the act of communication. To paint an entire religion with same brush is also wrong, and lots of people do it.


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