Remember when you were finally tall enough to ride the rollercoaster and as soon as the ride was over you wanted to get right back into line to ride again?

The financial news, job and unemployment news, and the environmental news have had us on a wild ride. Unfortunately this news is not some abstract concept out in the world that we only hear about. We are all experiencing the ups and downs.

I met a woman purchasing fabric, who asked for all the remnant pieces, prompting me to comment on what a nice fabric stash she must have. The woman took me into her confidence. She had a huge stash, because she is preparing for the end of days. God told her never to turn down food, because these are the end of days, and gifts of food come from everywhere, which she cans and stores. She also advised me to save silver, as money will become worthless.

The world financial news is bad. Not just here at home, but world wide. Investments, 401k, and other methods of saving have taken a big hit. Banks get aid to keep going, merge to strengthen, and hold tighter to money. The mortgage crisis continues as many people are struggling to keep their homes, or struggling with the idea of loosing their homes.

Retirement is delayed, and if not delayed supplemented by a new career path. Many of the older retirees are looking for ways to supplement their income. At the other end of the employment spectrum, those graduating are delaying their launch out of the parental nest. Finally, many of us in the middle are swelling the ranks of the employed, debating what can be done with our homes that are eating up our shrinking resources, while the job hunt takes us far from home. Those who still have jobs are advised to work longer hours, expand your skills, and take on more in an effort to become indispensible.

Even though the controversy over mankind‘s influence over global warming continues, the fact of global warming is becoming accepted. While we recycle, look for alternative energy sources, and become conscious of our personal energy footprint, a more immediate problem has captured our attention. The British Petroleum Deepwater Horizon oil rig is pouring thousands of gallons of crude into the gulf. Seven attempts to stop the leak have not stopped the flow.

In addition to being a huge public relations problem for PB, the oil threatens the coastal areas of Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida. The National Seashore, comprised of barrier islands, as well as miles of boom laid to contain the oil, provides some protection to the main land. Fishing has had to stop, scrimp beds are threatened, and tourism to the coast has stopped way beyond the potentially contaminated areas. These are the very same people hit the hardest by Hurricane Katrina.

The cost of the gulf oil spill goes far beyond financial concerns as images of seabirds floundering in black goo, and images of marshlands being invaded with the ooze clearly show. We are also entering hurricane season again. Will that help this situation? Will the dispersal of oil only spread the dangers to wildlife? Does anyone even know the answer?

Tucked between all of these major news stories is the War in Afghanistan, Gaza blockade runners stopped by Israel, barriers to peace in the Middle East. Murders, domestic violence, infidelity, and abuse of all kinds fill the local news.

The news is bad. I can’t really offer assurances to the lady in the fabric store. I just know we could all use a break in the ups and downs of this ride.

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  1. The lady in the store has an interesting view point, although she’s misguided on one point. If our financial system collapses and money loses all value, the silver won’t be worth much either. Perhaps some folks will be interested in gathering things such as precious metals and gems, but most will be bartering with/for more basic necessities: food, water, clothing, fuel, etc. Her focus on canning food and gathering remnants will more likely be her wiser investment if/when the “end of days” arrives.

    She/we may also want to consider investing in weapons and ammunition. If the economy collapses, I’m not sure that what’s left of the government will be fully focused on protecting the citizens. I would certainly not rely on the kindness/decency of strangers nor the inherent goodness of mankind. Conversely, I would fully expect the worst of our true (selfish) selves to come out. Your “neighbor” will have no problem wiping out your entire little victory garden, down to the roots, if he and his family are starving; regardless of whether or not you’re hungry and starving.

    Sometimes I think the idea of the world NOT coming to an end is the more daunting future to worry about.


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